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Dinner with the Puah Family

Local Artist Ben Puah

Got an unexpected call from Cousin Gordon last Sunday telling me about expanding his home internet network for two PCs from one, only that he does not know how to go about doing it. He is currently on Singnet broadband and recently renewed his contract, to his dismay he did not even receive any offers or freebies on the 1500kps plan, contrary to the free subscription and modem from my 3.5Mps network at home. I remember reading somewhere that even 1Mps plans get an ipod nano free, funny why he did not receive anything.

I once handled him a spare ADSL modem and router few years ago since I’ve upgraded to a gateway, and it’s starting to come in handy now – dropped by their home after school today and got their network up in a jiffy 30mins, something which I know at the back of my hand after years of troubleshooting but something Gordon claimed he would scratch his head pondering the whole day to set up. I guess everyone will have to start from somewhere.

Their family invited me to stay over for the evening with dinner, but their mum was to busy to cook, so it’s a whole family eat out at a nearby coffee shop ze-cha resturant. up so it’s me with the whole puah family including Benjamin Puah, aka Ben Puah the local President’s Young Talent exhibitionist. Being all working professionals, we caught up on times and happenings around us. Glad I found time to drop by.


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