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IVP Day 1 over, Jobscentral Jobs Fair, N95 Updates

Today is the first IVP day but could not make it to Gombak due to a tight agenda on my side, but the weather was very good for a track and field event today. Was around the Suntec area instead to attend an exhibition there and also on top of looking for a 3 multiscreen monitor mount for my Final Year Project gaming platform, but could not find any at all, even Carrefour don’t have it. I think the next best place would be Funan for such specialty product, even Simlim does not have it. Come worse to worse, I might need to fabricate my own in the workshop.

Jobs Central Jobs Fair

On the JobCentral Jobfair going on at the Suntec Convention center, the scary thing were the queues and the need to register to enter the exhibition area itself. Inconvenient, but that very much kept the crowd levels in the area very manageable.

Met my student development officer Ning who was at the fair too, being there on her own accord (the school didn’t send her in) with a friend I was surprised to find her there as well. We chatted on few issues namely the lower attendance and the possibility of me being unable to go on this year’s upcoming Medan Community service trip just like what we did last year helping children and elderly homes.

Orchard Spinner Display

Alot of Suntec had changed too – the family link walk is now a lifestyle store area, Harley Norman is now an IT hub area and the kopitiam at the convention center is now like a food court with a very cool colonial setting. Collected my New balance real run race pack at Novena before popping by Orchard for the last league for today and dinner with my mum who was around the area (beside the rather interesting road side performances). Sheena was away with her school friends in Vivo.

Last but not least, got to play with a demo model of the N95 8GB in the various Nokia Stores I passed by today, namely around Suntec and Orchard. Got the word officially from Nokia Singapore staff that the N95 8GB will be out next week! (1st week of November) Retailing at $1244 without any contract.



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