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Reanimating Project Work

The last 2 project weeks saw disappointment being unable to submit our fabrication and parts order due to red tape in our school system and financial department to raise project budget. Hope things goes better this week.

Monday saw the first time we managed to get the actual simulator system running with few parts borrowed all round campus, which is mainly a proving point to our lecturer that things can be done/workable and we can finally move on with our project by confirming the quotations and the parts we require. We managed to source out a few other external vendors so we can raise 3 quotations in order to request for the budget. These few vendors also offered to do the job within our price range, but unexplainably there are always one or 2 who will always quote so high compared to the rest for the same job, funny makes you wonder are they cheating you or you will start to doubt the cheaper ones for a shabby job.

Despite being about 2 weeks behind schedule (this week is week 5), time was made up by pushing future work to be done now. I had to find work for my team to do during his eye of the storm if not everybody will loose their momentum and won’t be as motivated and driven as our first week. However, there are still limits to what we can do till the design is finalised, so finally tying down the final requirements for the pneumatics system will see the start of all the orders going in and finalizing of the design, till then, finally we can start on the media related materials which was left hanging on hold since 2 weeks ago.

Didn’t run much this week, due to lots of chores, work and projects to be done, man I should not let work eat into my lifestyle…

Running Mileage for last week
Alexandra Park Connector Route: 16.76km – Sunday
Total Mileage last week: 16.76km
Total 2007 Accumulative Mileage: 836.12km


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