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Christmas in 15

Dinner was at the Mariner’s restaurant at the singapore maritime center. It was actually an eating place open for mariner’s who stop by here in their sail/shipping trips. But now its opened to the public, if not they won’t be getting much of customers either in this era of transport efficiency. The food is generally good but a little on the steep side though. The place have a very similar ambience as that of jack’s place, only brighter and set to a more ‘ship deck’ theme. Had NZ tenderloin steak set comprising together of an appetizer, soup of the day, dessert, tea and 1/2 dozen escargots for extras for bout $30 myself, that totals about $140 for the family in all. The service is friendly and the place is indeed relatively packed for Christmas eve itself. And as most restaurants like jacks, marina mandarin, etc… practice during festive seasons, you can eat wearing party hats, poppers, horns and swing sticks. Dumb, but hey its fun. If I can still remember I did went around orchard shopping with my family in party hats during last new year’s eve too, not to mention santa snow caps, turn heads and it was great!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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