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Dell PDA exchange

Replacement PDA

It came first as a call to dell yesterday morning as I got too fed up with the online technical support getting me nowhere, except the default answers like “please upgrade your operating ROM to the latest version & try again, thank you”. After getting through like 5 layers of call menus & such, I finally managed to SPEAK to a human being! whoa technology! I explained the problem I was having to the operator, who was commendabley kind & professional in her job, namely the booting up problems & for the last time, the HARDWARE problem I was having with the PDA’s headphone jack. With that she kindly (& promptly) suggested sending in a replacement unit within 2-3 working days – A BRAND NEW replacement unit for my aged & serverely beaten, discoloured & tarnished 1 year old Dell axim X50V PDA, (well partly its still under warranty duh, with like almost like 22 days left duh). The interesting thing was a phone call from their dispatch department later yesterday stating that delivery coulb be done the very NEXT DAY, whoa! Call today, new PDA tomorrow! whee!

The PDA just arrived from a dell dispatch, the hardware revision of the PDA is version A07! yea upgrade! Contrary to my old PDA being the pioneering version A01. Too bad they didn’t sent in the x51v.. darn then that would be a REAL upgrade! Everything works fine, the OS, old trusty WM2003, the headphone jack, now only I could get the hardware buttons to work.. DARN!

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