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Batman Begins

Coffee with Cous Gordon

Met Cous Gordon at around 6.30pm at Shawhouse Jade, its one of the few hangouts outskirt of town where we are sure to get movie tickets for the hottest blockbusters no matter what the occasion. I remembered catching LOTR on opening day here with the theater only 2/3 filled there while all cinemas along Orchard are like full-house for all time slots till the following day.

For dinner, we doggie bagged subway-wiches which we smuggled into the cinema to eat. Overall, this movie I guess compliments all the other batman movies & fills the gap by focusing on the birth of Batman, just like SW, Episode III. I think this is one of the best Batman movies ever made to date. Not a bad show overall (& I think it can even provide good competition head on with Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds) no wonder its like No 1 in the US & SG box office for about a week now. All in hand, I just wanna drive home the tumbler vehicle… & like jump from to roof to roof on our HDB flats… vroom, vroom.

Hung out for some coffee at the nearby Bugis coffee shops before taking 197 home around 11pm+. Amazingly is the number of new steamboat stalls along the beach road area, maybe should drop by there to try someday to try.

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