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Company- Step One.


I have always longed to run a company on my own, maybe its the desire I have in my blood to be a boss of my own. So after some long homework, gone down to the ACRA at international plaza in the morning to do some enquires, consulting & preprep work for my registration & administration for the design company I am starting, called DESIGNO SHINGJI. The person who attended to me seemed suprised though- a 21 year old in front of her with high hopes to set up & run a company, contray to the usual crowd of business people she would usually see aged 30+ to middle aged people do. The company name is derived out of my middle name Shing Ji, from my full name.

This company aims to focus on 3 main things: innovation, design & engineering (INDENEERING, pronounced in-de-neering, you can call such design engineers “indees” a suspected derived “callsign”) in creating design on one of a kind industrial product designs from the mouse you are holding in your hand right now, to the cars we drive in the future. Till I finally get the rest of registration done up & the business finally running, its still pretty much a one man army now as things are still starting up so till I get myself known & get more cilents, then thats where the fun part starts, expanding!


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