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Site problems and Guardduty.

Blogger.com is having severe problems with their upload servers lately, due to overload of users. Therefore, the news section of this site may be experiencing certain downtime here and then, please please bare with it. If you are in a good spot, try to help us out please kindly help out blogger.com by donating money for a server upgrade here

On BMT, passed the M16 technical handling test on friday, hehe so she (aka the rifle “wife”) & me, would be together for sometime. Parents visiting day for the newer enlistees is on during the last weekend, and us “old birds” have got to serve guardduty on saturday for increased security. And man its really really tiring, not to mention prowling the camp into the wee hours of the morning, otherwise, its also very fun and exciting.

Booked out of tekong just this morning, therefore explaining this late sunday entry.

And grr, broke my specs during range. Though I don’t wear it often due to my low degree level, gotta get a new pair for range shooting asap. As damn shag as I can get, this week is indeed a very very tiring day, not to mention overloaded with responsibility as elected Platoon IC for the week- BMT is in full gear now, with hardly any free time in our hands, lessons carry on consecutively hour after hour. darn!

Will be looking forward to good friday next week, would be booking out on thursday night.

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