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Book Out!

AFTER 2 1/2 weeks in tekong! Haha, this is my first book out (to get the “A”level results), hair short (otherwise much more grown than the first day of cut), clean shaven..otherwise, not far from a shower and stinking like hell…

And clearing out 132 unread mail in my inbox… damn

I am enlisted into Foxtrot Coy, Platoon 2 @ BMTC school 1. Foxtrot Coy I say, yea, I kinda like that name too, though I am an avid fan of the foxtrot comic heheh.. On the life there, though a little more regimented, I find NS life now really different compared to the impression my father craved into me when I am young about his old NS experiences himself- ill-threatment, overly barking sergeants, dumb extra training/guard duties and stuffs. NS life is pretty on the welfare side now, you can report and difficulties, problem and conselling is readily available. (though no one bothers to do so..)

Our commanding officer for BMTC 1 can be roughly called a BFG (big friendly giant), very big and overly muscled, with badges, stars and craps stuck everywhere, but as welfare as ever. He tame by nature when we received our *introductory gifts* from him. On facilities, we get drink vending machines on every floor of the company for endless supply of root beer, pepsi, geen tea, isotonic drinks..etc. (if you have the cash) Kingcoil is proudly labelled on all mattress and theres Foodfare (NTUC related) catering to cater for all our meals the facilities at tekong are almost brand new… just to name a few…~ And I like it ! ~

Within my coy I am happy to have and say that my platoon have the best sergeants the company. There are our P.S 3rd sergeant Firdarus, Our P.C Lt Alvin & Lt Shaun. Our favorite sergant is our “carebear sergeant” 3rd sergeant Frois, who always can’t keep telling people how rare his name is. (haha) and last but not least, our little 3rd sergeant Jovan, small size don’t matter here, wait till he unleash his horns or superman combo and recruits will start flying here and there… whee..

Heard overall that school 1 have better welfare than school 2. I remembered days before enlistment, my cousin kept telling me that life at school 1 is much much better than 1. Being enlisted in school 2 himself few years back, he said that is so.. and hes happy for me.. for now.. On the funny side BMTC school 1 recuits all wear white socks to go with their PT shoes, while School 2 have green socks. weird thing I say, but white socks are definalty much better than the thicker green ones. However, school 1 do not allow recruits to bring handphine chargers into camp and we don’t get weekly western food specials at the cookhouse. Guess thats the tradeoff.

Enjoying my computer, music, my bed, my shower for the day and tomorrow, whoosh back to tekong, only to book out again on saturday morning.. see you then. Wish me luck on the results coming at 2pm.. hehe

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