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Book Out!

My 2nd book out day was yesterday. Yea, went for a good dinner with my family at YMCA stevens road. They had completely revamped the menu. And the food is of a lower standard now. Anyway, glad they introduced baked rice into their menu too. Felt kinda strange going out with my new “botak” hairstyle, esp during dinner and out shopping in public. I like the cooling feel of my head too, anyway my hair’s more of less grown now, and not as short, my sis can’t keep calling my “Saguragi” (the anime slam dunk main character) lolz.

This morning, I woke up with a slight fever, but got over it within 3 hours after some panadol and after drinking and drinking tons of plain water. Guess all those PT training are really getting on me. The “tekong cough” is also a very notorious illness, almost all recruits will get it.. sooner or later, so are sore throats and raspy voices from all the army singing. Oh well, gotta book in later tonight, so gotta enjoy the days at home while I can.

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