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Public road here we go!

Armour’s 35th aniversary was up mid last week, and yea we were involved- just a tiney weeny little bit, like making the deco around the area look nicer, thats it (and all). In return we get off since thursday (yea) with the exception of the armour route relay (ARR) at kean hong camp this morning. Ah but that was nothing we were out by 10am and off o beauty world for some lan gaming at some arcade, cum pool, cum lanshop store were we had 2 rounds of warcraft3 (cheers to janan, chonggen, john, darryl & tanyi) BF1942 was played later but I had to leave early cus of a driving lesson I’ve booked at BBDC. Caught a cab there, and yea cab drivers are very observant drivers, esp looking out for passengers. I was on the order side of the road near the shopping center where this old sharp eyed taxi came u-turning and zipping there- right in front of me. Oh well, at least I dun need to wait and I thought catching a cab in such a “oulu” part of town was hard!

Had my 3rd and 4th driving lessons thereafter & whee… finally get to go on-road. My 3rd instructor (and 3rd lesson) was a nice middle aged man. Though I was pretty biased against such instructors as in my last’s last driving lesson. This guy was relatively friendly, very coaching, correct my mistakes immediately. Changed my impression completely on old instuctors as well, grumpy old useless balast on the passenger seat. Guess I have lots to see & experience, taking different instructors everytime. He guaranteed me by the next lesson I am comfirmed to go out on public road… Guess it was so!

My 4th lesson was taken by an instructor around the mid 30s (guess I was serious bout having good driving instructors, esp overcoming generation gaps) going out on the public road is very much easier than circuit driving. Theres not too many things happening (not to mention congestion), no worries of newbies wandering or oversteering into your lane, not to mention zippy bikes here & there- dangerous! If you want to ultimate information overload & super fast changing traffic lights, BBDC is the place to go ;).

Public road driving is very relaxing, not to mention fun. I had a ball of time & was quite happy with my performance, though I can do better with clutch control while moving off, otherwise everythings very good, well, in my instructor’s view (but not for me, as I felt I can do better). Even if it is so I guess that perfection is the key to a save traffic police test pass, which I would be trying hard to achieve by this mid year.

Well, besides all that, I’ve also learnt not to book driving lessons too early in ther day were the chances of meeting grumpy instructors with the morning drag can be quite high. Other than that, I am very much up to the mercy of the system in the allocation of good instructors for me. 😛

and heh look the moblog’s up.. duh!


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