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Saturday Night

Dinner was at Victoria hotel, near the bras basah- bugis area, beside Apollo hotel. Theres this small chinese eatery which serves restaurant standard food at very reasonable rates, not to mention a relatively good standard and service as well.

Received an sms regarding my hereen mall points expiring end this month, with a free $10 voucher from them at stake. So what else would I do but drop by to collect the voucher and spend a saturday night at orchard. The hereen annex is still under renovation, with quite a few new stores taking shape. Good thing that many stores in there are still largely open & full of people. Action city just got downsized by half due to the renovations too, hope to see a larger collection of toys and collectables in the near future. Spent the voucher on upon redeeming it on an new ATB- The DJ in the mix dance CD at HMV. Keeping it won’t mean much as expiry is on at the 30th this month & I am booking into camp tomorrow night.

Johnson, my old BMT campmate, reminded me of a bbq which kinda slipped my mind, going on the 8th this month, gotta prep for that. Furthermore My dad’s birthday in on the 5th may, a wednesday, mmm wonder what to get for him this year. Moreover Mother’s day is around the corner too, gotta get something for mum too.

On a sidenote, I am currently working on a new art piece. *yea* Guess its time I finally get those lead grinding and liners rollin’. 😉

❗ Darn why do payday still seems so long from now?

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