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Exploring Singapore SG Mobility Gallery

The Singapore Mobility Gallery, also known as the SG Mobility Gallery, offers you a captivating journey through the world of land transport and its evolution in Singapore. The gallery is conveniently divided into seven zones, each offering unique experiences and insights.

Smart mobility gallery entrance.
Welcome to the Smart mobility gallery at Hampshire road.

The galleries are located near Hampshire road in central Singapore within a gated compound behind security lines. Admission is free, but you need to register for your visit beforehand on LTA’s website (gov.sg link) beforehand to enter the compound due to its location within a government institution. All you need is to show your booking confirmation email to the security counter who will ask for some personal information before allowing you in with a visitor sticker.

The mobility gallery at LTA Hampshire road campus.
The mobility gallery at LTA Hampshire road campus.

Furthermore, starting with Zone 1, you are introduced to the Land Transport Hero Academy, which pays tribute to the unsung heroes of land transport.

Activity areas
Activity areas with interactive elements.
Kids play area
Exhibition booklet

This interactive zone engages young visitors, particularly children aged 7 and below, with activities and a mini play area. It serves as an introductory area, providing a glimpse of what lies ahead in the galleries.

Gallery entrance
Children activities area
Choose your hero

Try a hand at transport planning

Interactive planner tables.
Interactive planner tables in the galleries.

In Zone 2, visitors step into the shoes of an Operations Executive and take charge of managing congestion on Singapore’s roads. This small self-contained gallery features four controller input screens. Also, it allows you to play a congestion management game with family or friends. It has an interactive element similar to modern museum galleries we see today like the SINGAPO人 permanent exhibition at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC).

Planning room
The transportation and planning room galleries.

Moving on into Zone 3, titled “Connected Towns of Tomorrow”. Here, the gallery explores the complexities involved in planning an efficient transport system that caters to diverse public needs.

High score
Inputting in a high score.

In an interactive game, you can immerse themselves in the role of an urban transport planner. Also, on screen, you can work as a planner to design virtual infrastructures and strategising to keep residents connected, happy and content.

Let's go planning!
Let’s go planning on the interactive city touchscreens!

Also ,the galleries are thoughtfully arranged in a linear order. Here you can find marked signs and stickers on the floor guiding visitors through the interconnected rooms. Singapore’s transport story is told through mix of display boards, interactive exhibits and screens.

Children Eco quiz
Prevent bus bunching
VR using HTC vive

Furthermore, fast-forwarding leading into Zone 5, the “Future Forward Theatre”. Here, you can find a large 270-degree vase movie theater narrates the captivating story of Singapore’s land transport system.

SG Mobility Gallery vast 270 degree theater screening transport clips and behind the scenes.
SG Mobility Gallery vast 270 degree theater screening transport clips and behind the scenes.

Also, it offers a chance to sit down and appreciate various video clips showcasing transport initiatives in Singapore. Also, these clips include drone inspections for underground MRT lines and behind-the-scenes operations of rail operations. It provides for an immersive experience through a 270° panoramic projection theatre.

A glimpse into future transport

Transitioning back to Zone 4, “Future Mobility”, allows you to witness how the Land Transport Authority (LTA) harnesses technology to achieve an efficient and inclusive transport system. This zone features various innovative initiatives. Examples includes the Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Lamp Posts, Hands-free Ticketing System, and Future Traffic Management System.

Comparison of different lighting technologies.
Comparison of different lighting technologies.

A notable display highlights the difference between traditional incandescent bulb street lamps and the more energy-efficient LED lamps.

Accessibility in our Transport

Senior friendly road crossing
Senior friendly road crossing enhancements. Such as an ez-link card timing extension.

There is also an accessibility section showcasing improvements for the elderly and modern electric battery-powered buses. Additionally, you can have a go at the new RFID-enabled tap-less MRT gantries for wheelchairs, an accessibility enhancement for commuters on wheelchairs to pass through the gantries without reaching out to tap.

RFID contactless wheelchair accessible gantry.
RFID contactless wheelchair accessible gantry.

You can also find a life size Future Concept Bus. It is also decked in the SGbus green livery, and is also where you can slide a screen to view all the technologies within, such as having smart sensors, electric propulsion on top of 3 separate passenger doors.

New smarter buses.
New electric smarter buses with three passenger entrances/exits.
Bus bells
Braille touch surfaces
Smart crossing light

Within the LTA campus HQ, several peculiar sights, such as MRT train carriages, a cable car gondola capsule, and classic vintage cars, can be found. Also, the campus ambience resembles that of a school, with short 2-3 floored buildings.

MRT train carriages.
MRT train carriages you can explore.

The campus was built from the old vacated KK Hospital grounds, when the hospital moved across the street. It has an enclosed tranquility with green spaces sheltered from the buzzing city within.

The vast LTA campus grounds built from the old KK hospital grounds.
The vast LTA campus grounds where the SG Mobility Gallery sits in was built from the old KK hospital grounds.
SG Mobility Gallery Classic cars on display within the LTA campus
Classic cars on display within the LTA campus.

Peculiar items here are a collection of historical transport items, besides classic cars, but old basic sheltered bus stops mainstream in the 80-90s period too with their iconic fan-shaped orange seating benches.

Introduction board
Cable cars
Retro bus stop

Equipping and training the transport force

Zone 6, “Training the Workers of Tomorrow,” takes you back to the entrance of the gallery to explore the training zone. Here, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the up-skilling of public transport workers. You can try out a simulation of trainer systems using Augmented and Virtual Reality headsets.

SG Mobility Gallery AR and VR zone allowing you to have a go at simulators and trainers.
AR and VR zone allowing you to have a go at simulators and trainers.

These mock-ups of the actual trainers are utilized to offer valuable insights into the day-to-day tasks of four public transport workers in diverse settings, such as rail maintenance trainer.

Rail maintenance
Future transport
Follow the signs!

Notably, there is a bus driving simulator you can try out too. It allows you to drive through a small HDB estate and pick up passengers.

Bus driving simulator
Bus driving simulator allowing you to pick up passengers at bus stops in a simulated neighborhood.

The journey culminates in Zone 7. Here you can make a personal commitment on the pledge wall to contribute to a car-lite Singapore. Also, this commitment highlights the integration of walking, cycling, and riding as integral parts of their way of life. Join in the collective effort to shape the future of land transport in Singapore.

Assistive transport technologies
What 1600 commuters take?
Spin the dial

Also, the MRT trains showcase their capacity as large people movers, able to transport the equivalent of 400 cars in one train.

Wrapping up

SG Mobility Gallery Play a game!
Play a game!

Overall, a visit to the Singapore Mobility Gallery is a fulfilling experience that can take around an hour or even two if you choose to engage with all the interactive exhibits and games. Additionally, the gallery is designed to be self-guided, allowing you to explore the galleries their own pace. Also, admission to the gallery is free.

Leave a message!
Leave a message at the end of the gallery tours.

All in all, the SG Mobility Gallery offers an enriching and interactive experience. It takes you on a comprehensive journey through the past, present, and future of land transport in Singapore. Whether you are a local or a tourist, this small museum gallery is one to visit to appreciate the advancements and efforts in shaping a sustainable and efficient land transport system for Singapore.


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