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Fahrenheit 381

I am now typing this post on my family computer, as my personal one is under maintenance, will get back to it later. On a recap for the day:

The day began quite slowly, but otherwise quite painful as I didn’t really get a good sleep the previous night. Furthermore its the day of my traffic police test. Whats worst than waking up with a 38.1 fever on the day of your driving test… & thought it could get that bad. On a sidetrack, I was actually not feeling well for a few days with a cough & sore throat which cleared by midmweek but a flu & cold followed suit thereafter, & I thought that off-the-shelf-medicine at home, lots of water * rest would be me recovered by today..but I was wrong.

What I saw was the need to get out of home- I needed time out. Then theres lunch with mum at the newly opened Hans restaurant just near my home at the old HDB building, had horfun as I couldn’t think of anything for desirable to eat with a fever.

Left around 12noon where mum went to do some grocery shopping at NTUC while I took 197 to jurong,where I later caught a cab to BBDC (I was lazy). Strangely, I wasn’t nervous, but otherwise angry with myself for failing the test so many times, & dang, I have to wait so long for this day, yet I am in no good condition to drive… lucky me..

Then theres the usual warm up which served no other purpose but allowed me more of less to preview the traffic condition around me. Did not bad, I say the funny thing is that once I am in the car geared up & ready I felt “OK” as in my flu would suddenly clear & my body won’t feel that warm, its a weird feeling but something I am not complaining about! My tester of the day was Mr soon or so, tat was around 2.45pm when the test started, at 3.45pm I was alone at the video briefing for graduates… Yes I PASSED!

Recapping what happened the reason why I failed my last 2 test was bulk penalization on the road driving part of the test, not much on the circuit. But this time road was twice as better than my circut- my parking didn’t’ do very well, & I have to readjust to vertical again, & hail! I was greeted by tons of red lights while on the road! (yea no more dangerous green lights) I was a safe driver & presto a pass with 14 points! Brought myself a p-plate (finally) close my driving account & drew out my remaining cash in the account.

Treated myself to a 250GB harddrive at simlim thereafter. & went to do some price research around the area, collecting pricelists. Got myself a new 2.5mm- 3.5mm stereo audio plug for my sl45 as my current one is spolit. Met Jason on the 197 bus on my way home. Funny I said I was sick right? haha went back to install my new HD only to find out I can’ get the full 250Gb drive capacity from the restrictions winXP ave on drives 137GB & above. Would be Slipstreaming SP2 with my current winXp disc to install my my personal comp tomorrow, in the mean time its a pile of useless unbootable metal.

Dinner was a AV, a coffeeshop restaurant “zee cha” style. Noting my fever & my flu, my parents advised me to go & see a Doctor which I succumbed to after persistent persuasion, I am not a guy who likes to see a doctor over any other problem, I just don’t see it necessary, but I think that would change… after coming out of Alexandra hospital, with free medicine (cos am civil servant dude) I am having second thoughts!

& here I am typing this post, after bathing & so, gonna sleep soon. Depending on my condition tomorrow hopefully I would be able to carry on with plans for outs with my cousin tomorrow, whom he is so anticipative of the meeting tomorrow. Furthermore I am also booked on sun with my BMT mates for afternoon outs again.. would be looking forward to it, I wish I don’t have to call them off because of my… danged fever?


  1. Yea thx dude 😉 ya know ooking back at my previous blog entry, I WAS a real “lou-shou” guess my summarisation skills are definately rendered obsolete in fever-rishes conditions… all in hand its a cool morning today too! not to mention a body temp of 37.4C!


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