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250GB of dunkin’ space

Managed to slipstream my winXP OEM together with MS service pack 2 in the morning. Now I have a complete new bootable winXP CD-Rom I can install in my computer anytime I reformat with all the latest updates inside… & the best thing is, its all completely legal! Read more on creating one here.

One of the main reasons to slipstream is that Service pack 2 (or previosuly, 1a & unlike the first release of Winxp) do support harddrives above 137GB in size. Even if your motherboard do support large large (like in my case) the 1st generation winXP do not & you can only format partitions 137GBs in size. This is however, corrected since SP1a. Now I am happily formating a full 250GB partition on my new drive.. on my personal comp (yea!).

Just can’t wait for win longhorn to come out… rumored next year maybe…


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