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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Am I ready for driving?

Came down with a slight fever 😕 this evening, its just a light one I think, it it was not that bad. Just a very warm feeling & a sore throat, very typical-lish fever feel. I think I should get out once in a while today, instead of staying in the whole day in front of the computer at home, very bad.. bad bad bad. & hey wondering why am I at home? because I am clearing my work off given by my OC & yea.. you may think so much for the off today, being all down sick 😳 … come to think spyware not only affects computers….

Downed 2 pandols, would have an early night, hopefully I would be better tomorrow…. the day of my driving test.. 😯 oh man why do it have to be like that? I just feel that I am not physically well to take it, but after waiting almost 3 months for this danged long retest, I have no other alternative.. oh well. wish me luck tomorrow then.


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