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Jog da round

Mum finally succumbed to my constant bragging of going for runs & exercising. & mind you I don’t take excuses such as a long day at work or “look its 8pm & I just came back from work” When health is concerned. My parents are starting kinda starting to get out of shape now, so I guess me as their ‘personal trainer’ would see to that. & so, we (dad & mum) ran to tiong baru park for some laps & static workout at the park. While I did a 5 round run round the park, totalling about 3.5km I guess, nothing compared to what I run at camp though.. The training ended around 9pm with us heading to brickworks hawker center for some loh mee, porridge (literally they ate back all the calories!) I would see to a healthier lifestyle now. Dragging either them or better, both of them out for a run whenever I am free & at home home for at least once a week.

& so..

Site updates: Lots of debugging going on now, everything is at least 50% done. With some coding & template customization to do. I am including a few nice eye candies which can be handled on IE browsers, yet to test the scripts on Netscape though. Come toNetscape always gives me lots of headaches when it comes to compatibility, with so many features unsupported, wonder why do people still use it with mozilla & opera.

& hey, this is news there would be an inital-D movie coming out afterall, in 2005 to be exalt. With Jay Chao as Takumi… mmm

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