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World of Warcraft chilling in the new January

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. It was the December holidays, stretching all the way to January at least before the start of the upcoming Lent university term. With Portal, Skyrim, and TF2 boring me out these days, why not get back onto some RPGs like World of Warcraft? Well as you should know, World of Warcraft (WoW), despite it’s launch since 2004 is still the most widely played massively multi-player RPG in the world (though some SWtoR fans would argue otherwise).

So it’s $15 a month to head back into Azeroth at least for the holidays, for a month. Paying to play a game, could be a turn off for many. I was initially skeptical of paying too. But later do I know paying does has it perks as it not only provides a much better mature gaming experience not only in support and game uptime, but sieves out casual trolls and kids you usually see on free-to-play games, not to mention flame-bait and trolls.

So what did I do within the period of a month? Leveled up 3 toons with a cumulative total of 200 levels, now that is quite alot of (anti-social) time. That also means exploring the worlds and various (and revamped) expansion zones I missed out over the years. I never quite got to the current level cap of 85, not seeing the need to level up so quickly, so technically I actually had not touched the Cataclysm zones as of yet, despite starting on it already on my ass-kickin’ Worgen Death Knight.

Dragons in Northend
Dragons in Northend
Flying over Stormwind
Chilling out over Stormwind
Chilling in Orgrimmar
Exalted in Orgrimmar

With the start of Lent around the corner in a few weeks time, it’s time to put all my toons into deep freeze till the upcoming summer holidays at least. Not to mention considering gearing up my characters for the new level-90 cap when blizzard releases the Kungfu- touting pandas on the new Azeroth southern continent in the upcoming “Mist of Pandaria”. But not of course till we get “Heart of the Swarm” or the long delayed Diablo III on the next Starcraft/Diablo franchise.

Surprising, with the exception of a number of local British students I know here in the university, no Singaporeans studying here plays WoW at at. Not only that, some do not even know about the game, let be any PC or Xbox game titles I know at the back of my head released within the last 5 years. So for WoW I usually end up playing with my friends in the States anyway, with almost all of my toons on US servers.

I know you must be screaming “NERD ALERT” right now, yea but it’s a “problem” either the poor Singaporean kids here, I hope this is not what you get with ultra nerdy students coming from top schools and Junior Colleges who “take pleasure by studying”. That is really sad, but the fact is this is the stereotypical image of various top Singaporean JCs, just study study study- Not even any extra-curricular activities or nothing about heading to a pub to chill for the night or a game of pool after a long day of work. Of course that is another huge area to debate about what I define as a “balanced and healthy” college life. I mean hey! college life is literally one of the best times of your entire life. I definitely wouldn’t like to look back at my college days and see myself remembering just only all the studying as a socially-inert study-bot.

That would be really, really sad.



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