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Aye! Sail the seven malls!

Aye matey, did quite some shopping today, namely. Personally it was quite a feat all done in 7 hours today too… Never’ve I been to so many stores, asked/haggle/enquire so many times in my life. 1st afternoon stop is off with me meeting John & Adrain at simlim to get his new computer built. Managed to get up a relatively good system for $1139, includes a P4 2.8E 800Mhz FSB prescott, MSI mobo, 512MB DDR400 ram, Leadtek Geforce FX5200, Maxtor 80GB HD, TDK 8x+/DVD-RW writer, casing & PSU. He would be giving me his old PII 400Mhz comp as a token for helping, hehe some scrapping ‘n’ stuffs to do!

Then I went around Simlim enquiring for my intend canon powershot A80 price, leading to one conclusion, the lowest price may not be the best bargain… I especially hate 👿 & very fad up with one particular camera store on the 1st floor, tended by some dishonest indian fat-ass offering inconsistent prices, rude & smokes in front of their customer (potentially me & nobody else inside), f*ck the $450-480 low (inconsistent) price tag, everything’s already very very bad. He even said this to me: “you go out & draw the $$ if you want to pay with cash, credit card I got to pay $$ to bank, you do then I bring box to you, if not you leave” Too bad I didn’t note the store name as I was too angry storming out of that shitty- ass store the next moment. Will tell ya the name if I visit SimLim again, its some 2nd store small store on the left placing the jade ship. BLACKLIST ‘EM! 😈 ….

Furthermore, all the stores in Simlim are retailing the China made version of the camera, shitty too! it just not a place as a general electronics hub, more of a computer hardware/software hub, now thats what I only like about SimLim!

Met up with Qingrui, Dominic & Byran for a short dinner meet at Breeks, marina after shopping around Raffles, Suntec, Millenia Walk, etc for more camera research, got some modelling cement from a Suntec hobby store (finally I can actually start on my comanche helicopter model), neato! Finally get to see better service around the vicinity, made my day definately better. As the shopping progressed, I was particularly impressed that Harley Norman actually stocks up the japan made models the Canon A80 camera, but it going at $649. There comes a question I (a customer) would ask: Price vs Service. & I can tell you I am one person who don’t mind paying $649 for the camera if you offer good service- & thats exactly what I’ve got at Harley Norman, Milliena Walk, from salesman by the name of Sofia. Very friendly, charming & very prompt in service, he even “jump queued” to tend to me, telling newer customers to hold. Very, very impressed, something I guess I couldn’t buy- good service. Included are 2 free 128MB CF cards & a cam pouch. Paid for the $649 camera without hesitation, & walked out with the camera & a very much happier person.

Took some test shots of the city skyline on my way home for dinner in my dad’s car, the camera’s seriously not bad, the reviews & homework are really paying off. The only low down is the weight of the camera, otherwise its perfect, no wonder its also Yahoo.com’s top digicam. Sightings of the day: Half of marina sqaure is under renovation, causing lots of inconvience to many around, even Mandrain Hotel is getting a major face lift.

So…. the seven seas 😆 in seven hours:
>> SimLim >> Parco Bugis Juntion >> Raffles City >> City/Raffles one Link >> Suntec City >> Millena walk >> Marina Square

Then home… end!


  1. wow well, at least I am not the only one who get this “firsthand experience!” They are not only dishonest but very rude too. Just see, how can you tolerate a person serving you, talking without looking at you, smokes infront of you & hey shows no one bit respect as you as their customer, if it weren’t for those courtesy campaigns I wouldn’t have been so tolerant in front of ’em… Yea, all in hand… note to EVERYONE out there, SimLim is NOT a place for consumer electronics, but computer hardware specialities, trust us. 😉


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