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Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars (C&C 3) Kane Edition Box Contents

Command & Conquer 3: TIberium wars (C&C 3) Kane Edition Pack

It’s time again to marvel at the old command and conquer series which got me up in the good old days since C&C win 95, Tiberian Dawn, Tiberian Sun, Firestorm and now, C&C 3 Tiberium Wars. Come to think about it, I’ve never missed a single episode of the C&C line, even including the Red alert and Generals series. Moreover, even after Westwood Studio’s acquisition by Electronic Arts it’s good to hear that part of the old team is back together including the C&C founder and Joe Kucan as the old classic Nod leader, Kane. However Steve Jablonsky would be taking on the music instead of Frank Klepacki which brought us classic tunes like “Crush” and “Hell March” back in 1997. But nevertheless the crowds still did not give this new C&C sequel any look down either with over 90% ratings from major game sites like Gamespot and Softpedia. Tiberium wars do please not only with it’s graphics and return of the good old units and classic C&C style gameplay but together too, with a new upgraded Generals Game Engine bringing the C&C experience as what the gods intended it to be contrary to the pixel sprites we all grew up playing with.

Came back today with a nice little looking package, with the only tell-tale clues being the EA logo and C&C3 text on it. I always wanted to know what’s exactly in the package. For those who are thinking on purchasing the C&C 3 Kane Edition or standard edition in Singapore, here is what you will get exactly in the package:

  • Free-size NOD (Red with NOD front logo) or GDI (Kahi with GDI front logo) T-shirt with EA brand tag.
  • Transparent Red NOD Doc-Tag or GDI Transparent Gold Doc-Tag (Side dependent, you can only get the shirt and Doc-tag of one side)
  • Razer Mantis Precision Speed Mousing Pad (Retails $39.90 in stores)
  • Limited edition numbered Kane Edition game disc with 5 bonus multi-player maps
  • Bonus second DVD packed together with the game disc in an exclusive Steel book jewel case.
  • Everything is packed in an exclusive translucent nylon EA, C&C3 drawstring bag.

The Kane edition retails for $79.90 ($79 at Tecdrome) and the Standard Edition for $54.90. With only a Standard DVD case and one DVD. I still prefer the Limited edition figurines that came with the previous C&C Tiberian Sun Platinum edition, if we get action figures in C&C 3, that would rock. The gifts now are just so, “commercialised”, but otherwise more practical with a mousepad, otherwise a must-have for any old die-hard C&C fan – welcome back commander…

Contents of the C&C Kane Edition: (photos shot with HP rw6828)

Contents of the Kane Pack
Package Contents
The $39.90 retail Razer Pad included in the package
Razer Mat, shirt and DVD case
The Steel DVD box contents, 2 DVDs, Manual, Unit/structure tree map and Key command sheet
DVD Steelcase contents


  1. lol, i think it will be a little overrated so say that it’s the best in the world? :mrgreen:
    I can say its good because we are gettin stuffs way below the market rate, so its extremely value for money.

    nevertheless a great package for for GDI or Nod fans!


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