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2 Weeks of internship left

In a flash 7 weeks of internship had passed with hardly 2 weeks remaining, where the next school semester will be starting immediately thereafter (on the 16th this month to be precise). Things going on presently in school are regular in-campus training, the freshman CCA signups and the following orientation week, which I would not be able to make or cover duties due to work. Interestingly, the new Semester Timetables for all classes are released and I am officially into my senior year, with more freshman to take and mock. Come to think about it, I actually miss school, esp the free gym haha I just like the free campus lifestyle, unlike my current desk job. Maybe it’s just me that I just can’t sit still in one place for a long time.

Internship View from my Office

I’ve been working as a web programmer and designer during the last weeks in SimLim Tower, it’s a nice place considering it’s central location and being besides some of my few favorite shopping areas as well. Before internship I’ve thought like hey! since work is around the Bugis area, I would definitely see myself hanging around the “distractions” out at Bugis street or SimLim square often or completing “House of the Dead 4” arcade game at the near by Parco arcade every other day. Later do I know that I didn’t even have the time to do so or think about it.

The view up from my office is but not exactly the definition of spectacular, otherwise beats facing another concrete body or air-conditioning system. It’s otherwise a good place up on the balcony for a short chill-out and breather from work. Being up with the relatively “taller” buildings overlooking the city skyline is a nice sight to behold, also allowing me to monitor the construction of the Singapore Flyer Wheel in the distant background, with the exception of occasional DHL balloon messing up the skyline .

Our Hour Long Office Lunches!

Things to look forward to everyday is definitely lunch where I get to try out many different eating places round the area (which I couldn’t get enough) ranging from Rochor Center, Little Inda to Bugis Village and Sunshine plaza just to name a few – The popular, the most economical, the most posh eating places within the area, now I know. I am even surprised you can get a descent plate of chicken rice for only $2 in the CBD area and a really filling vege-rice for $3. My school liason officer had visited the office 2 times to date (which I see mostly a regimental motion and keeping in compliance of visiting requirements). Performance grades and attendance has been good too and I can see it being maintained.

Internship pay is not exactly high and is actually peanuts in the industry I am in. However the amount I earn is yet the envy of any of my campus peers who easily earns less than half of what I do – with companies paying them minimum wage as they should already feel obligated of having to hire them. But I still feel that I am underpaid, maybe it’s redefining the definition of relativity in relation to my colleagues.

Helping WheelChair Bound Commuter Up Service 147

I won’t be seeing myself driving to work now since my dad recently scrapped the family car, but that too exposed me more of commuting life. I even helped a disabled wheelchair commuter up the wheelchair friendly bus service 147 yesterday on my way back from work! Ahh the good Karma… Now at least I know that pressing the “blue disabled button” at the side of the bus actually holds the exit door open for the disabled to enter, though the wheelchair ramp has still to be manually operated by the bus driver who have to dismount to set it up. Everyday work starts at 10am for me which is rather flexible, contrary to some of my other peers starting 8 am in remote Tuas. So my mornings usually start with a bus trip to Selegie followed by a nice walk from the Tekka area towards SimLim Tower.

Work goes all the way to 6pm or later if needed but with no overtime pay. So my typical days end with a sleepy bus trip right from the bus stop in front of the Tower back home. From there it’s either catching up on chores I’ve left (and aim to complete before the end of the holidays) or out for my bi-weekly long runs. Did I mention that I am trying out a new route along Tanglin canal area? That place rocks for running at night.

Over and out.

Mileage for the last week (7 day period)
Tuesday – Tanglin Canal Route 2 Extended Rounds (14.6km)
Friday – Tanglin Canal Route 2x6km Rounds (14.6km)
Saturday – Tanglin Canal Route 2x6km Rounds (14.6km)
Saturday Noon – 1 Hour Continuous Birthday swim 50m laps for 60mins
Total Running Mileage the week: 45.64km
Total Accumulative Mileage for 2007: 261.02km


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