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Dinner at Miss Clarity Cafe

Miss clarity cafe at purvis street

There is this nice eating place I’ve visited last Friday for dinner going by the name of Miss Clarity Cafe. Popular among youngsters and the general youth crowd, it’s located along Purvis street, just opposite The National library and Bugis Junction. It may be a cafe for it’s size by it’s menu is one not to recon with – with full assortment of meats, salads, desserts and side dishes both for lunch and dinner.

On my own visit, surprisingly, I was still served for a table of 4 without a reservation within 2 mins of waiting even when they are fully booked for the night. Service is good with friendly and cheerful staff who always can’t seem to get enough of helping you out with your requests – My group had an unusual request for unconventional warm water (where most tables would normally be served self-help ice water jugs on free flow), for us we were specially served warm water in mugs and refills are done by the cup willingly as well). I guess the good service could also been made effective mainly due to the small size of the cafe which makes it easier to manage as well, not to mention a about a healthy number of staff around for the night per table.

Ol' macdonald had a farm

On the menu, you get a full choice of main courses on chicken, fish, red meats, pasta, assorted seafood and baked rice just to name a few, each going for a reasonable $8.80 to about $16, much cheaper than what you get in Jack’s place or Fish and Co. Add $3 for a set with soup of the day/salad and tea/coffee/cold drinks and sorbet ice cream dessert after your meal, top up an additional $3 for a Ben and Jerrys ice cream dessert.

Exceptional nice dishes are the cheese laid chicken and fish cordon bleu which rocks for it’s price. My personal favorite have to be the Ol’ Mac donald which is a mega of meats ranging from bacon, T-bone, chicken fillet, steak, sausages, lamb chop and sunny side-up egg – the perfect double serving meal for a calorie freak like me, not to mention value for money as well a comparable dish for this much serving can easily cost $30 in other establishments.

The only objection I have could be the table setting theres no serviettes and table setting till you are served your main course, so thats nothing to clean or wipe your mouths with after your soup or thousand island filled appetizer unless you request for some or get it yourself. Being a candle lit place, the area is tad too dark to read menus in the beginning – not a problem myself, but do have friends and people I know who might have difficulty doing so in the dark. Prices had also gone up by average $1 since last month $8- $8.80 for most main courses and $15-$16 for the Ol’mac donalds.

You can give this place a try, I guess the pitfalls are just minor and this is one fine establishment for a dinner with friends and such, it would be a matter of time when you can see this place outgrow it’s premises into something new and bigger. The boss is also very friendly who provided us his namecard at the end of our meals. There is also alot of parking places along purvis street or the nearby pay per-entry ones around the surrounding commercial buildings round north bridge road. Expect a full house on holidays and I would personally recommend you to make a reservation (63394803) if you intend to dine there on weekends.


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