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Windows Vista – Slow! Bill Gates: No No No!

With all the hype and publicity on Windows Vista going on in Singapore, I guess I can only commend on the efforts MS Singapore is putting into promoting the OS. However in that limelight, definitely the main selling point and MS broke in sales will tell you that it’s “safer”, “more secure”, “looks fabulous” and has “excellent media PC functionalities”. What they WON”T tell you though are the horrible benchmarks, system requirements and how slow it is compared to previous versions of Windows.

Anyway as the saying goes “a sucker is born every second” & “people will pay for it just because it looks good, lest functionality”.

Courtesy from Tom’s Hardware (You can read the full article here), all benchmarks ran on high-end Intel Core2 Duo systems with 2GB DDR2-800 RAM, 300Gb Harddisk space & ATI X1900XTX 512 MB GDDR3 GPU, let me just share some findings:

  1. Fact Number One: Vista is performs slower than WinXP in ALL tested game benchmarks. On same hardware configuration, the vista OS system performed slower in all games benched, with UT2004 having a record 32% lower than XP benchmark: 3D Mark06, Call of Duty, Farcry, FEAR, etc
  2. Fact Number Two: Vista is only faster in in Video and Audio encoding, but only with marginal increments (1-23% faster). Benchmarks: Xvid, LAME Encoding
  3. Fact Number Three: Vista is horrible at 3D based modeling programs. Vista is 83-90% slower than WinXP running3D Studio Max, Lightwave & Maya. Tom’s hardware 3D Modelling progrram benchmarks
  4. Fact Number Four: Vista fails badly in the CAD and design benchmarks as well: PTC Pro-engineer, SolidWorks 84-98% slower
  5. Fact Number Five: Vista treats anything you install as a threat to it. Even after you get through installing it, any program you run will need a prompt to initiate even though YOU are the only who started it in the first place. Till you disable the prompts in the UAC, any user will go bonkers over it.

What’s more, Vista breaks 90% of games, as said by game publisher, WildTangent.

😕 This does not justify the significant need for an upgrade. Furthermore so just as you think about putting the greens on Vista now, this is when it gets interesting – don’t think that holding your purchase now will solve all the bugs now. Think about it – unlike handphones, such that we can “wait out for the price to drop” or “new firmware updates in the next release”, the Windows Vista DVD is available pre-packed in default content, the next big DVD update you will get is a service pack (similar to XP SP2) which we won’t be seeing too soon, maybe over a year or so.

Everything will be patched through the naive windows update. In other words, having to install Vista now or later won’t be a difference, it’s just another PC in the Vista Bandwagon doomed with slow software, praying that Microsoft & their partners brings and fixes up compatibility and performances through new driver and software support.

And not only that, Vista look almost a clone to Mac OS X, now what Bill Gates have to say when poised with that question on CNN?

“NO NO NO!” Hahahaha!

Vista Price list
Oh and not leaving this out, for ya price hunters, here are the following rates for the respective versions of Vista after a SLS store roundup:

Main OS (OEM DVD Edition)
Vista Home Basic Edition – $145
Vista Home Premium Edition – $185
Vista Business Edition – $229
Vista Ultimate Edition – $309

MS Office 2007:
Home and student 2007 – $189
Office Basic 2007 – $269
Office Small Business Enterprise – $369
Office Pro 2007 – $489

Attila Vista Baby!


  1. yea, it is not worth the upgrade yet, i think maybe when hardware gets better and vista can fully make use of it. Is like WinXP runs slow on a old p3 computer as compared to earlier versions of windows like Win2K

  2. I think so too, but I guess its a matter of time when we see it mainstream and around our campus comp labs as well, only time will tell.

    Furthermore, theres no “offical” support for GMA900 lappies, even it’s the bare minimum to support aero. So most of us will be out of luck for laptops purchased before Q1 2006. Yet the GMA950 is struggling with it….

  3. Lol. Nice question by CNN. :mrgreen: But I’m afraid vista does need to consume alot of ram even with more hardware of today comes. Probably around 2GB or so. Currently, even if with 4GB of ram. You will still feed the lagness of it. Not as smooth as xp though. To us now, maybe vista is just ” eye pleasure “.


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