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Too easy to score, Engineering Materials II

With some new found time before dinner today, let me just spend some time talking about the paper I had today. Engineering Materials II.

[start mindless babber]

wahahah it’s really a disappointment, studied and researched so much out of the box and the questions which came out are all repeated from the class! A typical case of overkill? Like using a bazooka to kill a puny ant? But it still gets the job done right?

I was expecting like more application based open ended questions like maybe: “explain the micro sub-atomic effects of intergranular corrosion”, “describe the nuclear decomposition of Cobalt 60 to produce a radiograph of best film sharpness” or maybe a more down to earth “draw and label the hot and cold camber die-casting processes”.

That would be it! The perfect challenge! Well… maybe with exception of half the cohort failing the paper, the possible angry mobs rioting the and burning of the staffroom, but hey they can always take the module again, life is all about 2nd chances right?

But No – the questions in today’s paper are merely just ask you to state-this state-that, there’s even no definition questions! It basically just a regurgitation of textbook answers and repeated identical questions from our tutorials!

And that is bad, why? firstly it is harder to get a distinction when everybody’s mark is all “high up there in As” and secondly, the papers are so trivial, not much is actually useful we can do in application to the industry. Yea they say we are making it great!

Calculating my minimum score, scoring completely zero for those questions I am unsure of, my expected minimum score should be 95/100, I am after all human.

But Mmmmm, but I guess I can’t count chickens before they are hatched, because maybe my extra theoretical explanation of Faraday’s and Lenz law of electromagnetic induction and in the induction hardening question could be too much for the markers. They might mark me wrong as they might not understand that…

Sometimes taking advanced physics before a diploma might have it bad points…I hope my head just don’t explode…

Now for Engineering Maths III… My last paper for the Semester, Next week.

[/end mindless babber]

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