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So much for the friday, well better than nothing!

💡 Ok, PC game check with nitro family aside, the games I have left to complete are need for speed: underground I (80% complete) & II (10% complete). The thing now I better complete those games I’ve brought, so ah games won’t be so much of such a “collector’s toy” for me but some serious play toy, maybe to possibly develop my thinking & reflexes (haha I must be kidding myself). Played CS:source before dinner & half-life II thereafter. I’ve obtained the magum today.. sweettt considering how well it rids grunts with one aimed shot. Gernally weapons are good for the following targets:

  • Those flying bunch of razers: crowbar, 9mm
  • Headcrabs: crowbar, 9mm
  • Grunts: 9mm, magum, SMG if things start to get messy

😆 My heeren card membership would be expiring soon, so I guess I did better dropby there tomorrow after lunch to redemm some cool stuffs before the points expires… think I would go about purchasing on game one the way, maybe warhammer 40k, sims 2, or world of warcraft (dang impulses aagain!). Would be meeting up with dom & qingrui for The Incredibles movie thereafter (finally…. lets hope dom get the tickets right this time…) generally the show is not bad from the the general word of mouth, would see to that tomorrow then. Dinner would be at the usual breeks at marina for keeps. Then what else, we would see from there… On a sidenote, managed to collect $60 worth of donations for my NKF pledge card. Deadline’s on end dec, but I am more or less done with begging people for charitable money now, time to send it it. Lets see (checks card).. $60 would qualify me for a free mini radio.. haha why must they give gifts with increasing value for the $$$ the donor’s give? isn’t giving from the heart & not because of freebee? or is this just Singapore?

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