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The Incredibles

🙄 The day started with some surfin’ on the net in the morning, catching up with discussion on forums & coding my site. Stayed home for lunch, with mum cooking her special pork porridge. Took a bus to heeren in the afternoon to redeem my 180 heeren points left in my account which expires end this month for a niffy printed black card sized notebook at Alternatives, Annex going for 175 heer points. Contiuned my journey to suntec taking 16. With the nicholl highway incident, now I have to alight opposite shaw towers whenever I take bus service 14 or 16 to suntec, have to walk so far.. haiz.. got to exercise bit loh.. As intended today: buy at least one game but it was cut short with the rather strange shortage of the warhammer 40k: dawn of war game at both PK computers heeren & suntec branches… all the sold out… is the game really so hot? Oh well.. maybe I have to get it at simlim then.. btw Tribes Vengeance is out at $49.90 wouldn’t be getting it so soon till I check out the general reviews.

Met up with mark & dom later around 4pm for “The Incredibles” movie at engwah, & yes this time he got the right tickets for the right show timing. So much for digital picture & sound anyway but overall the movie isn’t that bad. I guess Pixar’s experience in previous movies such as Finding Nemo & Monster’s inc allowed them to include more detail in their scene & rendering outputs in this movie. The story between the superhero family is both warm & loving, with te exceptional hiccups here & there with their superpowers, otherwise the story is rather linear with some exceptional small twists, all ending with a rather, “sprinting victory”. Oh yea, & the old lady who designs their suits is so cool.. me dreams to be a similar accomplished designer (or maybe live & bear similar property assets), maybe more on web, concept & interior designs rather than doing suits for heros. & yes, capes are sooo outdated. Not a bad watch.

😛 Had dinner buffet with the gang at breeks marina after the movie where I finally get to use my $8 off NKF vouncher, shaving $8 off the bill. Stayed in the resturant till about 10pm, closing time. Brought Dilbert, the complete series DVD series collection for $118 from HMV, citylink, together with an extremely retarded VCD movie titled KungPow!-Enter the fist by 20th century fox pictures going for a steal at $4.95. HMV closes at 11pm so that about the time we kinda left the store too.. Got about 6 HMV stamps to go with my purchase. Reached home reasonably late- late enough to unable to play Cs: Source with chonggen & john.. john’s out anyway so I guess he didn’t have the intentions anyway. For chonggen, well he have to have his early nights!

Aims to complete 50% of half-life 2 tomorrow as I am in about 25% completion so far, *checks time* actually today.. sunday! chill-out day.


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