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Re-capping the PSU failure

PSU down

Mmm didn’t really get much of blogging lately. Anyway here are some worthy highlights of the last week worth noting.

I did mentioned that I got myself an Antec True Power-II 480W Power supply unit (PSU) on my birthday to replace my old Antec 430W supply. The PSU’s fans suddenly burnt out & stopped spinning. I only discovered about the fault after noticing the absence of lights from my computer’s led fans. Diagnosing the problem & shockingly, the PSU part of the case was too hot to touch (comparable to a metal kettle filled with boiling water).

The first thing which came to my mind was, no I didn’t overclock, neither did I power any fans down… Immediately, I powered down the PC after 4 hours up time only to find out that not only all 6 fans in my mid-tower are not spinning, the PSU’s dual fans are dead too. The only fans functioning are my GPU & CPU fans. & man was the air around the case warm…

😯 Fan power are totally burnt, but overall the system is still very functional & stable with the absence of cooling. Voltage to Harddisk, mobo & External Drives are all stable, so there is no damage or current surge which could damage other components. Guess its a “fail safe” feature I have to commend on Antec Quality PSUs. With this I can conclude that antec “fan only” connectors share the same output from the PSU’s only internal fans.

This PSU is about 5 years old already, an expected lifespan for a PSU at my given current daily computer up time of about 15 hours daily. Usually power supply failures will result in a full system burn out, i.e the taking the mobo & hard disk with it when the current surges on failure, giving not only a spectacular show of electric hisses, pops but see your system die in a cloud of blue smoke as well, not to mention a fire hazard as well. I definitely won’t want that for a birthday present! Overall I am glad I choose a truepower previously & I guess I have Antec’s experience in the PSU market to back for my new PSU too.

:mrgreen: System up & running with only 1/2 day downtime, glad to see everything up & functional again. After $185 poorer.

Been trying out my new Oregon Scientific Weight GR101, its very niffy maybe I will write a review on it when I have the time.

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