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Happy Birthday to (me!)

Shaun's Birthday Dinner!

Today is my birthday! A year older, a year wiser (as they always say). What else to but to stuff ourselves silly at an International buffet at Trader’s Hotel, whats more, with Birthday compliments from Singtel, I got 20% off the total bill. The spread was cool, with lotsa my favourite lobsters, sushi & meats. I was like oww.. totally unable to move at the end of dinner…

Got a Perlini’s Silver Pendant as a present from my family, coupled with a little cute personalised birthday card with dolphins jumping all around it. Neato! Well, we are family anyway, so more of less we all know what each other want, which is a good thing.

Other than that, got an Oregon Scientific Digital Weighing Scale (GR101) with digital wireless remote & purchased an Antec Truepower-II 480W power supply on my own expense to replace my old disfunct 430W Truepower (tell ya more on my PSU later).

Thanks all who sent your regards through the various channels, let be through online forums, email, MSN, SMS or GSM. Thank you!


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