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Need for speed underground 2

Man what a cool game this is.. so good, well I guess I almost forgot to blog! hehheh been playing it for 2 days now, after completeing the c&c generals zero hour 3 races campaigns in the afternoon. Anyway this new edition to the NFS universe is both a mix of GTA & street car racing found on the NFS 1 series, very much like rockstar’s midnight club II. You get to explore the city (bayview city) on your own, participate in races going on around town, or just go around exploring around town for the 9 hidden specialities parts/body/car lot/graphics shop. All parts you name it from the first NFS U series plus a few niffy extras. Furthermore, while exploring, you can get to pick on any racers you meet on the streets for some cash by going in an outrun battle, wooty! Your GPS will keep you very much well orientated in the city, esp if you are new & you cellar will keep you updated on new shop deals/parts or races currently happening. You can tune your car for specific races, but the game would be better if theres actually damage rendering for the cars, not to mention paying for necessities like fuel/racing damages/nitrous oxide refills in carrier mode, man would that be realisitc! Overall, I give the game 85/100, if you are a die hard fast & furious fan, you did better get this game dude! 😉

Would be a slack day at camp tomorrow for WOS (wing orderly sgt, aka wing ONLY sgt) duty, guess I would be packin’ my stuffs & preping for the much needed “entertainment” at camp tomorrow. During that much free time, I aim to get at least a drawing done & finish one anime DVD. In the meantime, chill catcha back on saturday.

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