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Monday, July 15, 2024


Caught the movie taxi at GV PS today with my bmt friends dominic & qingrui. Met up early at the box office around 12.30 for some chit chat, catching up on times. Dom wanted to tickets for the movie taxi, but qingrui wanted to watch shark’s tale. Personally, I haven’t watched shark’s tale it yet, but dom did. In the end got the tiks for qingrui to watch seperately with his friends who were coming later while dom & me, went to watch taxi. Strange though, 2 groups in different cinemas but same building! Overall taxi is an ‘ok’ show not that spectacular but with the exception of the very beautiful cars (lemme see at least 2 BMW 760, 2 M3s & one lucky daewoo…), not to mention the ever gorgeous robber chicks.

Come to think about it, this “taxi” concept is not new either, considering me being an avid fan of the movie series of the early french movie “Taxi”. Overall I enjoyed the movie with laughs here & there & man! do Jimmy Fallon make dopey cops look bad (played as the char Andy Washburn) with Queen Latifah (known as Belle Williams the taxi driver) cracking the robbery case.

On the forefront, pixar’s The Incredibles is gonna be another good show. Hopefully would be catching it next week.

Walked to simlim from PS, using some of my “innate scout homing ability (+1)”,the sun, guitar strings & mainly catballs, I managed to navigate my way through the selegie & albert area, before wolia! SLS! mmm didn’t know the proximity between these places is so close! Singapore is small! (& I actually wanted to take an MRT from PS to cityhall then bugis, haha thx dad for recommending the walk)

Went around looking for a new graphics card, perf a geforce FX6800, aka geforce 6 series but the prices are still so high, the lowest retailing round $580. Personally I find no point in forking so much for computer equip, like handphones, the prices will soon tumble down, saving me from those remorseful jawdropping “argh I COULD HAVE ACTUALLY SAVED THAT MUCH syndrome”.

Got a thermaltake 4 fan speed controller, together with 2 new games Nitro family, a crazy serious sam style comic mad first person shooter & Roller coaster tycoon 3, this time in full 3D glory! even the box is reflective, very nice, very nice indeed…


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