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Living by the ad/spy/shitware…

Its amazing how great spyware can turn the best of computers down to nothing but a heap of pop-ups, intrusions, browser hijacks & not to mention lots of headaches with unexplained hangs, unresponsiveness, even on the NTFS & win XP platform! Personally I don’t think my hardware is that old. But what this really taught me again is the power of software. Just say even with the best biggest rig you can build (or say the baddest guns you can mount on a machine/mech for analogy instance) its as useless if the OS is screwed with viruses, adware, spyware & unnecessary shit. & yes even if adware do help on some occasions, most of the time it just as a treatment & not a cure to the problem, yes the wares do come back.

I am one well versed with internet security & won’t turn to temptations such as downloading suspicious executable or open an e-mail saying “you’ve won a million dollars, run this program to find out!” But I don’t my other family members are, considering I am not the only one using this workstation, they must have let all these malicious wares, Trojans in, despite my twin firewall defense. Despite all this bitching I guess this is an excuse for a computer clean format & upgrade too, after backing up all my stuffs. The lag is partly due to my almost full 80GB harddrive which I would be upgrading to a 250GB one of I pass my driving tomorrow (yea, I MUST pass on this 3rd attempt). Then that would be a treat to me!

Lastly PS, to all adware & spyware makers out there: your works impress me, & they sure have done what they are programmed to do. But what I can say is to get your f**king buttheads out off your puny little ass world there & get down to doing something more productive & meaning full to society.

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