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@^#*# Input devices!

Played some CS on Xpcases.com servers and a little warcraft 3 in the morning. After some experimenting here and there, I found out given the different playings styles available, the agreesive, “rush first” tact will tend to get you the most frags, but too with a high death rate, but you can easily take out 2-3 guys off in return.. But all these are kinda cut short by some hardware problems.

My mouse had been screwin’ up for quite sometime lately (Logitech Mouseman dual optical). Could be some hardware compatiblity fault (which I dun seem to work after countless troubleshooting), no wonder Logitech no longer have this particualr model in production. It sux to have one button inactive occasionally, sometimes the left and sometimes the right button goes unresponsive. It also could be due to the cheap mouseware problem, going thru countless reinstalls and driver rollbacks- Dumb software. After desperately looking into the logitech forums, I can say I am not he only one having problems with mouseware, it just sux.. bigtime, everyone’s not happy with it either.

I would actually give the Logitech MX series a try, but after hadin it with it (and this being my 3rd logitech mouse change), I think I would settle for Mircosoft’s intellimouse series. Still decding whether to get the regular mouse or the desktop set as my current keyboard is kinda screwed (esp after those hardcore FPS gaming keys WASD are goners) Then theres the bluetooth desktop, mmm talkin’ bout using the keyboard to SMS/EMS/MMS wirelessly to your bluetooth enabled handphone? neat!

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