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Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Well, this is my first posted entry using w.bloggar’s niffy blog posting program, not bad I say it is a souped up version of blogger’s templates, only that the interface is definitely more user-friendly towards people who don’t really know much html or web-based scripting language. For me, I am just too lazy to compile my scripts from scratch, hey thats what such programs are for right? why make like so difficult…

And yea… theres nothing much to do today, so dropped by Simlim and Bugis for while, there are few hot movies coming out namely a disney one which I didn’t really catch the name. Terminator 3 is up on DVD and VCD now, its relatively fast for movies nowadays to be available on medias or screened on TV, compared previsouly (bout 1 year + wait)

Would most prob dropping by BB driving center tomorrow to register for my class 3 driving lessons. When I come to think about it even if I do get my class 3 license, I would be driving my dad’s car all the while till I get a stable (high payin?) job, then I can afford my own. However, thinkin’ bout it, owning a bike would be neat for personal use, not to mention the cool factor, but it would be something my parents would skin me alive for doing so- they are just so biased against riding motorcycles, even when I have a “M” class 2B bike license now!

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