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Finally, Nice and Tidy! New HP L2335

Finally, Nice and Tidy!

Mum got about purchasing 2 HP L2335 23″ WSXGA Monitors after getting a good deal from HP warehouse through a fellow colleague. These babies would easily go for $2k each in stores but got it at about less than half the price ($699/ea) with a three year warranty each.

With this beast, it’s bye bye to the 24″ Dell FP 2407 for $1299, bringing about a $600 savings (perfect for another good reason for a 500GB harddisk and additional 2GB of RAM, urrghh Impulse!). Both the HP L2335 and Dell FP2407 spots 1920×1200 resolution with 16ms color response time, so they are directly substitutable products minus a few features like flash card reader, USB hub and HDMI inputs – stuffs I really have or not really require. Mum will be using one at work while I get to drool over the other (mine! mine! mine!) for my home workstation.

The upgrade brought about few new challenges, especially finding space to put the monitor on my desk. Shifted my CPU tower to the floor to free my table corner space where the L2335 now resides and dunked my old Viewsonic E70f+ monitor. Finally got about repacking my room for 4 hours this morning and tada! Finally! now nice neat and tidy! Well for a least a month or so…

😯 Fired up the monitor through DVI out from my Geforce 6600GT and whoa! The screen estate! POWER! no dead pixels (yea!) no text blurring and no gradient colour banding! There’s picture in picture and Hello Multitasking Madness!

❓ In VGA analog mode, I can adjust contrast and brightness, but the contrast option is blanked out in Digital DVI, is this what it’s supposed to be? Anyone got experience in this?

Got to get back on painting homework for my GEMs and finishing my presentation on Wednesday. Would be giving sunday’s swim/run a miss this week.

Mileage for this week (7 day period)
SP Track & Field Off Season Conditioning Training, 4×1km 3mins rest, 4km – Tuesday
SP Gym 2 Sets Target Chest and Bicep Weight Training – Wednesday
SP Gym 3+1 Sets Weight Training + 5km Treadmill – Thursday
SP Track & Field Off Season Conditioning Training, 2.4km Time trail (9:56) – Friday
Total Mileage for week = 11.4km(38.0% of 30km/week target met)



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