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It’s a thurs thurs-day!

Today’s class in interesting. First off with lectures at 10am at the relative larger MLT1 lecture theater but only for 6 people! Only my class! I was expecting a combined lecture or so, but haha duh… overkill. Next lessons are at 3pm-5pm so that is a 4 hour break. Slacked my way out to FC2 after chicken-rice before responding to client emails at the library beating the lunch crowd and finishing up after noon.

Met Pohfong doing laps in the pool & Kalip in the gym. Then Desmond & the gang popped around thereafter for a pre-class leisure swim (with rather funny butt landing accidents on slippery floors thereafter), while I went on my usual gym marathon for 2 1/2 hours (going through all my stations & hogging the modular machine for myself 3+1 Sets strength) then topping it all up with a finishing 5km on treadmill. Chanced upon Peiling and Meiping when leaving the gym, small world. Thursdays are good gym days this semester, not packed and machines free.

Got to give Option Talk…
Reached class only to be told that class actually started at 1pm – our usual time contrary to the shifted 3pm slot. but nevertheless there is a second mirror class at 3pm which I joined together with the rest who didn’t get the updated schedule. My lecturer later approached me asking whether I can give a presentation in representation of the product development group, CIE (creativity innovation & enterprise option) in the upcoming MM course option talk next Wednesday with 2 (12.30pm and 3.30pm slots) at the SP Auditorium.. Arghh arrowed! Arghh got to burn weekend to prepare slides… Arghh! had been sometime since I had spoken to an odd few hundred audience. Arghh! have not cut my hair! Arghh! got to plan talk. Arghhhhhhhh!

Won a prize!
Oh yea, didn’t get the chance to mention this previously, but I’ve won a lucky draw! Got an unexpected call from SPGG yesterday informing me that I’ve won a mini-compo from the feedback draw held at the SP CCA drive earlier this week. Dropped by the Guild house after class today to collect the prize before heading home.

Seeing Double
Mum came back after work today telling me that she needs to get a few new 17″ or 19″ monitors for her SGX trading booth, all to display real time market information, with some of her fellow traders going up to 4 screens. Need to go shopping and help her install those monitors next week, so busy busy. Good thing LCD prices are a super all-time low, with a 19″ going around $300 tops. Back then around 2000 I remembered paying $550 even for a 15″. Now if only my 24″ LCD monitor price would go by that rule…

Mileage for the last week (18th-24th Sept 7 day period)
SP Gym 2 Sets Target Chest and Bicep Weight Training – Tuesday
SP Track & Field Training, 4×1.5km 1min rest, 6km – Tuesday
20 rounds Tiong Bahru park, Friday – 20km
(Saturday IVP Last day)
(Overnight Track Chalet on Sat-Sun, no Sunday training)
Total Mileage for week = 26km(86.7% of 30km/week target met)

I’ve just got details of the upcoming 2006 2nd Link Bridge Run (10km) will be posting it soon.


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