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Tuesday, March 5, 2024


Tried out Valves’ Steam 2.0 program today (after an unsuccessful try few months ago), and what else can you do with Steam but to try out CSv1.6 with it? Heh.. after a few rounds of test-fraggin online, its not bad I say… esp the new guns, ricochet sounds, game physics and game interface. But overall, the game still feels shaky at 60-100fps even with a constant ping of around 37-80. I guess, with so many spoilers in the mod, thats the old halflife engine struggling there. Anyway with Halflife2 in the line of new soon-to-come games, we will see, we will see…. *grins*

For all to wOOoo and enjoy, to download Steam 2.0, head to the downloads section.

Mmm, now to cautiously and wisely spend my remainding 5 hours on mainland before heading back to tekong camp… *sighs*
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