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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Just for laughs.

Just came back from a late night show, Charlie Angels- full trottle. And these are shows which makes you wonder how ridiculous certain stunts can possibility turn out into- all with pin-point accuracy and its “always something there for them!” All in hand, it appeals to the general audience with a all good happy ending (like the prince marrying the princess and they all lived happily ever after). Oh well, at least I can commend on the effort into it, not bad overall. *grins*

On now on a-side note, a different topic, wanna try something funny? Just do this:

  • Go to, google.com home page
  • Type “weapons of mass destruction” in the search field.
  • Hit the “I am feeling lucky” button.
  • Read the error message carefully… Hehe

And Mmm yea, frozen throne is out already retailing at a soild $49.90 ouch!

Currently Listening: Slash & Smooth Jazz- Spanish guitar obsession

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