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2TB of space! wohahahaha

Part II of pimp my PC was today, in other words, yes was around Simlim got a quick swipe at few more items to make my PC complete. That means picking up a western digital 1TB harddisk ($322) together with Vista Home Premium ($129). Amazingly alot of stores are still selling vista at like $167 to $179 and the WD Harddisk at $385-$460, how is that so with some stores are still able to sell the exactly same thing at the price I paid for?

Apparently, later do I know after chatting with some store owners there that actually some distros (and MS) gives some kind of bulk and loyalty discounts to some stores, while some pass the savings directly to customers, many will still direct the savings (poof!) into their company itself and keeping prices still at the recommended retail rate, there are however always one or two stores which can go lower. So the moral is if you want to find big bargains in SLS, do your homework- bury yourself in the papers!

The Western Digital harddisk I’ve got is the greenpower series with a variable rpm from 5400-7200rpm depending on use and comes rated with about 40% energy savings compared to other full fledged 7200rpm 1TB drives, something not really meant to scream in terms of performance but hey I only needed “environmentalists approved” computer storage!

Got back and started the gigabtyes flying around drive to drive for my backup.
I know that the actual drive capacity is always less than the usable capacity, but not so much that it is more than a physical harddrive itself! My 1000GB drive comes up as 930GB formatted- so that almost a full 80GB harddisk ($60 bucks) taken out, I should get a discount!

For a personal record, now I have about 2000GB of harddisk space comprising of 1x500GB Hitachi Enterprise Deskstar + 1xWD 1TB drive + 2x250GB Hitachi Deskstar drives. I won’t be counting those 1 or 2 80GB harddisks I have lying around the house, until I can find them too, but hey that quite negligible already.



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