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Serangoon Broadway graduation attire collection and yesterday’s flagday

As you know SP graduation attire is very much different than what it was years ago- with a simple white shirt/blouse with black pants/skirt- very much a waiter’s reception we would say, so with the way enroute on “progress”, apparently, a more formal graduation attire and robe is required for the grandulous occasion since last year, this year being the 2nd batch to don it during the day which every poly student dreams for.

Serangoon Broadway Attire Rental

Serangoon Broadway is the appointed agent for distribution and management of the attire situated along the outskirts of Bendemeer from Potong Pasir MRT and along Serangoon Road. You can find out more details on the graduation here, together with the directions to get there.

I was there to collect my attire today, slightly ahead of the slot for my course but they were ok with it anyway. The thing is that the staff there do not speak english well, so ok when that is not a big issue, once you are done with all attire given to you based on their recommendations (you can give it a try in their studio), they will start selling you all their photo studio packages and try to get you to commit into placing (assumably non-refundable) deposit for their family studio packages costing $160 for a minutely pathetic photo to $2000 over for their flagship size, with everything, “free, free, free” so as they exclaimed. The most descent package will set you back in the mid of a $1000 over, which I think is where they make from you. The funny thing is that so coincidentally too, today is the last day of the “offer” for big big discounts. I won’t be surprised if every student who visited the place got bombarded with all these sales and to succumb to them too (another family was there as well).

It was quite challenging trying to “smoke out” without pissing them off- it’s harder than you thought once inside, you need to take off your shoes in another studio, so it’s like a barrier and you can’t simply just run off like that. Nevertheless all we all got out one by one and left just with what we only wanted and came for- my rented graduation attire.

Oh yes, on a separate occasion, yesterday’s was my Sree Narayana fund raising flagday for their elderly wellness and daycare centre. It was more of less a morning to afternoon event selling flags around orchard road. The marshals were all active volunteers of the welfare home who all came down to help, even still dressed in their nursing work attire- so it’s quite funny seeing them selling flags on the streets. There were also students as well as few public volunteers including me involved in the event, otherwise they were a very friendly bunch and a pleasant experience working with.


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