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Exploring the Lego Store Suntec City

Lego is a toy brand synonymous with kids and kid-adults for that matter. It is a household brand most, if not all people would be familiar with at some point of their lives. Lego Store Suntec is a new store opened right here in Suntec city recently and I was there to catch their opening day. Lets see what on offer.

Store front of the new Lego Store at Suntec city
Store front of the new Lego Store at Suntec city.

Notably, unlike traditional Lego stores which are run by the Lego group themselves, Lego stores in Singapore are run by Bricksworld Singapore. They had long been running Lego shops in the country.

Welcome to the Lego Store Suntec store!
Welcome to the store!

Entering the shop, the Lego store has a large life sized mini figure greeting you are the shop entrance. You can find small displays of the current Lego creator series, namely space shuttle and space station sets on display here.

Creator NASA Space shuttle set
Creator NASA Space shuttle set.

Sets on sale

Additionally, at first impressions, the store is tad on the small side. Also, the store is not large in comparably means of a “flagship” large store. Or at least not as large as the Lego stores we see in Denmark which can span up to a sprawling two floors in a mall.

Space station set
SNES set

But there is a fair curation and mix of sets offer. The store stocks sets which appeals to all ages. They are laid on shelves floor to ceiling and packed to the brim. First off, we have their staple Lego City sets, as well as their current Ninja-go and Monkey king series.

Nintendo sets
Monkey king
Ninja go

In addition, there are sets which appeals to both play and collectors. Other interesting finds includes a Nintendo SNES set. It tad reminds you of the playable mini SNES which Nintendo released several years back.

Creator and city ranges at Lego Store Suntec
Creator and city ranges.
Audio visual elements
Lego murals
Creator frames

A place for play (and shopping)

Furthermore, the walls are lined painted in yellow, taking a colour cue from the Lego logo. Also, large portions of the walls are cladded with floor to ceiling Lego murals. There are also wall-lined loose bricks for standard blocks as well as build your own mini figure section.

Wooden minifig
Self-help blocks wall
Photo wall

Moreover, for grown-ups, we have Lego Technic sets, which are more technical mechanical sets, as well as collectors series Starwars sets too. Some of these collector edition sets like the star destroyers are rare sets are said to appreciate in value faster than gold.

 Wall of Lego Technic sets
Wall of Lego Technic sets.

Interestingly, previously, this is not the first Lego store in Suntec city. They used to be situated at Tower 3 on the 3rd floor beside Toy For us. Now, they are moved to the sector by the Suntec convention center, near the Wolf burgers we previously dined at Pasirbella. Also, it is notable along the same passageway which you can use to enter the Convention center from the esplanade Suntec MRT entrance.

Ferrari Technic set
Echo 1 set
Store area

Strangely, besides an official Lego store, strangely official world-wide Lego VIP membership cards are not accepted here, only those by Bricksworld.

All in all, this Lego store is a nice addition to the Suntec Neighborhood. One much needed given the Covid-19 slowdown. Though it is not the largest store there is here, it is one which has a decent selection of the toys you need.



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