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OG Albert Complex Departmental Store explorations

Let’s take a visit to the OG Albert Park departmental store today with a walkthrough. It is one of the oldest and surviving home-growth departmental stores still operating in Singapore. It is tad a Singapore household brand which had tested the time of ages in the Heart of Singapore.

Welcome to OG Albert Complex
Welcome to OG Albert Complex Departmental Store.

Furthermore, the name “OG” is as straightforward as it gets, it stands for “Ocean Garments”. It is based on values of Originality, Greatness, and the promise of an Outstanding shopping experience that Generations have trusted.

Moreover, the OG Story all began in 1962, with its roots firmly planted in the heart of Chinatown pre-independence since 1962. Back then, OG wasn’t just a departmental store, but a way of life too. It was a landmark, a meeting point, a part of the daily lives of the locals. OG has been the go-to place for families and friends alike and lives to that even today.

Ground floor area of the OG Albert Complex store.
Ground floor area of the OG Albert Complex store.

Today, the departmental store operates 2 stores in Singapore, the original one at Chinatown and this one here at Albert park. Also, notably, OG recently closed their Orchard road branch, turning it into a mixed-use retail development instead of a departmental store operated by them.

Ground floor cosmetics
View across Bencoolen street
Lit at night

3 floors of classic department goodness

Spacious upper floor.
Spacious upper floor, a rare sight in modern malls today.

Being a departmental store, it is tad a one-stop shop that catered to the needs of every visitor. This ranges from clothing, shoes, bags, to lifestyle products, foods, toys and even household, bedding and travel. Also, the store is laid out in an easy to navigate manner with large central aisles and served by 2 central escalators.

Central escalators
Central escalators serving all retail floors.
Household and bedding wares on top floor.
Household and bedding wares on top floor.

Also, each floor is laid out in a logical and expected manner you expect for retail, with the bottom floor is home to the ladies section with most cosmetics, shoes and bags. This to draw in the crowds, particularly ladies who will bring their families in. The store touts to have a curation of latest fashion trends to timeless classics.

Ladies clothing on the 2nd floor with casual and formal wear.
Ladies clothing on the 2nd floor with casual and formal wear.

Moreover, OG’s apparel selection is rather contemporary and one with a Chinese-focus too. Offerings includes an extensive Cheongsam selection in the ladies second on the second floor. You might remember the last time we saw such Cheongsams being sold at Yu hua Chinese products at Chinatown.

Traditional Chinese clothing.
Traditional Chinese clothing.

Also, it’s not just about clothes; it’s a treasure trove of shoes, bags, housewares, and travel goods. The far end of the ground floor house the gentlemen section with leather shoes, formal and casual wear. The 2nd floor is home to the remaining of the ladies section as and mens section.

Ground floor ladies shoes.
Ground floor ladies shoes.
Men's shoes on ground floor
Men’s shoes on ground floor
Men’s ground floor selection
Extensive Ladies selections
Luggage and travel goods on top 3rd floor.

Moving on, the top and third floor houses toys, bedding, travel and household. Also, I found the toy store offerings one of the more extensive ones with a large section of toys across toys for boys, girls and babies alike. Notable mentions goes to the kit-model and anime figure section as well as the cars and construction model sections.

Extensive toy section for all ages.
Extensive toy section for all ages.
Top floor
Baby products
Toy section

Closing for a major renovation

This OG reverbs like a Treasure Trove. It is tad a shopping haven that feels like a throwback to old-school shopping in Singapore. Also, the chain stood the stand of time while we see competition like Oriental Emporium (Bestway), and Japanese chains like Daimaru, Sogo, Seiyu and Yohan all closing within the last 2 decades or so.

Similarly, like their OG People’s Park branch previously, their Albert park store is going to be closed for a major upgrade renovation. In anticipation, the store opened renovation sales touting promises items going between 10-30% off retails prices. Also, still, the on my visit, the staff informed me this Albert complex mall will be partially closed floor by floor, but still largely remain open during the renovation.

All in all, OG is one spot worthy checking out when you’re in the Bugis district, it’s a different experience to our cookie-cutter malls in Singapore, a journey, a story that continues to unfold with each visit. It is more than a departmental store; it’s a family. It’s where memories are made, where children gape in wonder at the toy section, and where parents find everything they need under one roof. Tad a store like no other, it is a is a family store at heart.


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