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Toys R Us Vivocity flagship store

Let’s take a visit and explore the newly revamped Toys R Us Vivocity flagship store. A household brand and tad a beloved and favourite retailer specializing in a wide range of toys, games, and children’s products. The brand was established in the early 1990s, despite the chain closure in the US, it is still going strong here under a different administration and has grown to become a household name in Singapore.

Welcome to the Toys R Us Vivocity flagship store
Welcome to the newly revamped VivoCity Flagship Store.

A revamped Toys For Us with the times

Furthermore, the Vivocity branch of Toys For Us, which first opened its doors in 2010, quickly became a popular spot as Singapore’s largest shopping mall. Also, in response to the evolving needs and expectations of its customers, Toys For Us at Vivocity has recently undergone a significant revamp, which opened in May 2024. This transformation tad reflects the brand’s dedication to enhancing the shopping experience by integrating modern design elements, interactive zones, and a wider selection of products. The revamped store promises to provide an even more engaging and enjoyable environment for children and their families.

Jujutsu Kaisen curation at the store entrance at Toys R Us Vivocity flagship store
Jujutsu Kaisen curation at the store entrance.

The entrance of the store has an open and welcoming spacious entrance. Moreover, unlike the older outgoing store layout, the new store layout has a less clustered feel. Also, the toys in-store now are split by brands and type, with sections split into separate ‘island spaces” with a focal point each.

Made for kid-dults!

Notably, Toys For Us is evolving with the times, with the store now catering to different target demographics out of children toys, catering more to kid-adults than the typical family-friendly image which Toys For Us traditional portrays. One example is the expanded Lego section with their trademarked City range for kids, as well as architecture and designer series for adults.

Large Lego section with a large selection.
Large Lego section with a large selection catering to both kids and adults.

I can say, Toys For Us definitely took notice and is catering for the kid-adult markets now. Toys For Us kids had grown up targeting the demographics of children like Millennials and Gen-Z who grew up with the brand and are now in the workforce with disposal incomes. This is told through a themed section dedicated to Jujistu kazen and Chainsaw man anime franchises which greets you at the store entrance. More on that later.

Impressive Gundam universe section

An impressive section is their new Gundam universe section. It is an entire section devoted to the Gundam kit model (Gunpla) franchise. The section is tad a curated for model makers. Lined along the walls are boxes of Gundam in various grades. This ranges from base High-grade up to the more advanced Perfect grade model Kits.

The Gundam universe the largest in Singapore at Toys R Us Vivocity flagship store
The Gundam universe is claimed to be the largest in Singapore.

Here, a glass display here showcases just this with illustrative models which forms as a teaser into a extensive variety of Gundam model kits lining the shelves here. The range starts from entry-level sets for beginners to advanced kits for experienced builders. The section includes different grades of Gunpla, such as High Grade (HG), Master Grade (MG), and Perfect Grade (PG), catering to all skill levels.

A rather extensive model kit section.
A rather extensive model kit section in one place.

However, the selections here are Gundam-only. Hence, don’t expect to find other model kits like those from Evangelion, Patlabor and even Tamiya cars and military model kits. Notably, for their opening week, the store is running a half-price discount for their Bandai WarGreymon model kits.

Gundam Model kits on display
Model kits up to Perfect grade
Various Gundam grades on display

Additionally, this is no Gundam base store like the one who visited at Tokyo Japan Diver city mall, or the ones at South Korea. Still, despite this, it is being touted as Singapore’s biggest, it is still underwhelming as compared to overseas Gundam base stores. The section is still small in. comparison.

Anime figure and Tomica sector

Anime related pop culture merchandise.
Anime related pop culture merchandise.

Moreover, the Anime section captures the essence of various contemporary and beloved anime series. It features an extensive range of products, from action figures and plush toys. The section is tad a treasure trove for anime enthusiasts.

Anime and mechca model kits.
Anime and mechca model kits.

Though not as extensive as dedicated stores like La-tendo and Otaku house. You can find merchandise from classic series like “Naruto” and “Dragon Ball,” as well as contemporary hits such as “My Hero Academia” and “Demon Slayer.”

Premium collectable figures previously only found on the higher-end collector markets
Premium collectable figures previously only found on the higher-end collector markets.

Also, the product offerings here are bumped up in price range too, with premium collectables priced from $600 to $900 range. It is interesting is Toys For US is venturing into the premium collectables too, with large One-piece premium figures on sale too. We last saw such pricey premium statues at toy conventions like those at the Singapore Comic Con.

Anime toys
Tomica models
All car models

Furthermore, the Tomica section is easily my next most favourite section dedicated to the Japanese branded die-cast vehicles. Here, you can find cabinets of the tiny micro cars tucked in rows of drawers. This store is also one of the few places with a large Tomica railway selection too.

Extensive Tomica section of both rail and city vehicles.
Extensive Tomica section of both rail and city vehicles.

You can find walls are lined with rail box sets and vehicle playsets. It is probably one of the most complete Tomica selection in Singapore. There is also a small display island with roving trains in-tow. There is also a driving simulator located here, though it does not appear to be operational during my visits.

American Pop culture section

Pop culture and Hasbro products.
Pop culture and Hasbro products.

Going along the kid-dults theme, there is a section also dedicated on Funko pop figures. A large Batman standee in Funko livery greets you at the entrance to this. I find the selections even rivaling the offerings previously held by incumbent Funko retailers such as Simply Toys.

Funko figures selections even rivaling those offered by Simply Toys.
Funko figures selections even rivaling those offered by Simply Toys.

Here you can find rows of regular as well as packs of the new mini-funko pop mini-figs. There are also blind boxes in the like of those offered by Pop mart toys.

Funko and pop culture sector.
Funko and pop culture sector.

Moreover, there is Nintendo and Pokémon section. Here you can find authentic Pokémon stuffed toys, as well as a play area to try switch games on sale. The console gaming area is tad exclusive to the Switch with an assortment of accessorizes too. Interestingly, there are no PlayStation or Xbox games on sale here.

Nintendo gaming section with playable games.
Nintendo gaming section with playable games.
Switch games
Gaming and Nintendo section.
Lego displays

The Pokemon section is located beside the Switch gaming section with stuffed toys, Trading cards and figurines by Takara Tomy.

Dedicated Pokemon section.
Dedicated Pokemon section.

Interestingly, the cashier and checkout counters are now reallocated from the entrance to a more central location in the heart of the store. You can find more miscellaneous sections are tucked in the far end of the store towards the end, such as educational toys as well as baby products.

Central checkout counters
Racing simulator
Nerf guns

Also, the store now boasts immersive play areas where kids can try out the latest toys, interactive digital displays that bring products to life, and a more streamlined layout for easier navigation. Additionally, the updated store includes dedicated sections for educational toys, STEM kits, and exclusive product lines.

Wrapping up

Notably, there is also an armoury style section dedicated to Nerf guns and Mattel Hotwheels with a funky display and a Monster truck play area with artificial sand. There are also more toy play areas scattered around the store, which is quite a welcome to encourage interactivity with customers.

Hotwheels section
Wrapping up our visit with the Hotwheels section. That’s all folks.

All in all, that wraps up our curious. exploration of the newly revamped Toys R Us Vivocity flagship store. The revamped Toys For Us is not just a store; it’s an adventure waiting to happen, promising to captivate the imaginations of children and provide a memorable experience for the entire family.


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