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Exploring Queensway shopping centre in Queensway

Let’s take an explore today of Queensway shopping centre. The mall in southern Singapore is one of the oldest and most popular malls in Singapore. It is also a hotspot for sports enthusiasts given it’s specialisation in sports equipment.

Leather shoes
Leather shoes selections with a nostalgic old-school feel, as part of the offerings at Queensway shopping centre. Let’s take an explore!

Notably, the mall has a rich history, a unique architecture which can’t be found anywhere in Singapore today, especially in this age of “cookie cutter” heartland malls, which are more similar than unique. Also, Queensway shopping centre has a diverse range of shops and services. In this article, let’s explore how the mall came to be, what are the interesting stores and sights to expect, and what are the best items to go for here.

Mall exterior
Mall exterior along Alexandra road.

Furthermore, the mall was opened in 1976. It is one of Singapore’s first multi-purpose shopping complexes, along with Golden Mile complex and Katong mall. It was built by City Developments Limited, a leading Singapore property developer based in Singapore. Notably, the site sits of what used to be on the site of a former swampy area that was reclaimed in the 1960s. Today it sits in front of a cross road junction across Alexandra village, the Anchorage and the Alexandra central mall.

Interior lobby and atrium of Queensway shopping centre
Interior lobby and atrium.

The mall has three levels and a basement car park, and also features a 13-storey apartment tower. Also, the mall was designed in a modern style, with an octagonal facade and a sunken central concourse. The layout of the mall is made up of a series of concentric circles radiating outwards, shaped like an octagon. The mall’s octagonal shape extends into the central atrium of the building. Here, you can see the full three floors of the building served by elevators and upward riding escalators and staircases.

A sports mall at heart

Sports shops in Queensway shopping centre
Sports shops a mainstay offering in Queensway shopping centre.

Furthermore, the mall is dubbed by locals as “Singapore’s Sports Mall”. It is a popular spot for sporting items since its establishment. Queensway shopping centre offers quite a range of sports gear, limited edition sports apparels, and equipment.

Sports outlet shops
Sports outlet shops.

This ranges from various brands and retailers. This is offered thorough big-brand outlet shops which used to operated at the adjacent Anchorpoint shopping center to independent mom-and-pop sport shoes and tennis shops which some had been around as pioneer long-time tenants.

Small pop sports shops.
Small mom and pop sports shops. A nice and rare find today.
Small family-run shops
Bike and sports shops
Soccer fans delight

Some of the notable tenants include Limited Edt, a sneaker store that sells rare and exclusive shoes. Other big brands stores includes Under Armour, a global sports brand that offers apparel and footwear for different sports, and World of Sports, a one-stop shop for all kinds of sports products.

Under Armour sports shops.
Under Armour sports big brand shops which typically run their outlet offerings here too.
Second floor shops
Weston corp soccer store
Bags bags and bags!

Also, the mall also has a reputation for selling cheap and good-quality spectacles, as there are many optical shops that offer competitive prices and services.

Ultra supplies top floor photocopier services.
Ultra supplies top floor photocopier services.
Top floor octagon
Lots of trophies
Anytime fitness shop on top floor.

Also, most of the sports shops can be found on the lower and second floors. The top floor reserved for services, such as photocopying and printing services and a trophy shop. The smell of photocopier toner which lingers on the top floor of the mall reassurances this.

Trophy shops top floor.
Trophy shops on the top floor.

Wrapping up the miscellaneous selections are also a few Barber shops, Tailor shops, old-school watch and clock shops selling wall clocks and collectable vintage wristwatches. It is a place to get classic Casio watches too. There is also a hobby shop selling remote control and children’s toys, as well as a table top gaming shop.

Hobby RC toy shops at Queensway shopping centre
Hobby RC toy shops.

A thrift and customisation hub

Moreover, besides sports and optical shops, the mall also features a unique mix of specialty services. Examples includes a leather smith, embroidery design and print, and laser engraving. These stores offer services to cater to customers who want to customize their items or create personalized gifts. The mall is also a place where you can get great sports deals and bargains, as the prices are generally lower than other malls.

Old school shoes shop
Old school shoes shops selling work leather footwear.
Florist shop
Watch shops
Old school tailor shops

Additionally, a relatively new addition to the mall are Thrift shops hawking second hand clothing. They are typically found on the second floor backlane areas where rent is presumably cheaper. Interestingly, though most of the selections tend to be ladies wear and less for the guys.

Backlane thrift shops
Backlane thrift shops as part of the rising reuse movement.

For example, there are some leather shops here where you can get your name or logo engraved on a leather products, such as a wallet. There are also a couple of T-shirt printing shops which offers prints on cotton on dry-fit shirts too to your liking. Great for school or corporate event clothing at pretty affordable rates too. Also, you can also find other shops that sell fashion, electronics, gifts, and souvenirs, flowers as well as an exhibition hall, a night pub, and snack shops.

Thrift shops
Table top gaming shops
T-shirt printing

Try the laska

328 Katong laksa store
328 Katong laksa store on the first floor.

Wrapping up, it is not just shopping here. If you are feeling hungry, you can also enjoy a variety of food and beverage options at the mall. A couple of notable stores selling food are mostly situated on the ground floor. Here, you can find the famous 328 Katong laksa and traditional Tutu kueh, to a MacDonald’s on the upper floors offering hamburger and French fries. Also, you can’t miss the Laska shops as Laska aroma is one of the first thing you can smell on the ground floor.

Small cafes
Laska ground floor shops
Macdonalds on 3rd floor

It is tad a self-contained mall, though there isn’t a food court here which used to operate before it closed many years back. Some of the popular eateries include Old Chang Kee, a chain that sells curry puffs and other local snacks, McDonald’s, a fast-food giant that needs no introduction. There is also a Ya Kun Kaya Toast cafe on the ground floor if you require your traditional toast and coffee fix.

Ground floor eateries
Barber shops
Basement car park

All in all, Queensway shopping centre is an old mall which hasn’t lost much of it’s old charm. The mall has enough variety to provide for something for everyone with a sports focus. This is whether you are looking for sports, fashion, or food. It is a place where you can find both old and new, as it preserves its heritage while adapting to the changing times. If you are looking for a shopping experience that is different from the usual, Queensway shopping centre is tad one to discover for its charm and appeal when you are in town.


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