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Fat Burger Novena Square

Fat Burger is an American fast food burger joint and casual restaurant chain which started out from the USA. They have a long history, priding themselves into serving fresh, authentic and tasty American burgers since 1952. They are now in Singapore. Today, lets check out their Fat Burger Novena Square branch with a meal or two.

Fat burger ordering counter at their Novena branch
Fat burger ordering counter at their Novena branch.

The Last Great Hamburger Stand?

Fatburger tagline is “The Last Great Hamburger Stand”. While the joint is a branded as a fast food restaurant, your burgers are only prepared and cooked upon ordering. Their Singapore store tucked on the first floor of the Velocity @ Novena Square mall in Novena. They offer American style burgers in a rather American-style diner setting, complete with retro stainless steel finishes.

The fast food restaurant looks like a modern take on American diner. You place your order and pay at an ordering counter where staff will cook and deliver your burger identifying you by a issued numbered table stand. Minus the skimpy waitress serving your food!

Moreover, you can see your burgers being prepared behind the kitchen glass partition. Condiments, drinks and sauces are all available via a self serve corner with no restrictions.

The open kitchen. You can see your burgers being cooked from the seats.
The open kitchen. You can see your burgers being cooked from the seats.

Additionally, seating is offered in the outlet itself, complete with conventional and bar-style high table seating.

Burgers, Milkshakes and Wings!

Furthermore, Fat burger menu offerings are pretty simple and straightforward. Just like a typical American diner. There is a small selection of burgers, not more than 5 core varieties.

Menu selections includes the single original Fat burger with at $7.90 ($11.90 for a meal). Also, their double patty variant will set you back $3 more. Moving on the Triple adds another $3 more at $13.50. The largest Quad burger costs $15.90 and $19.90 as a “fat” meal.

Moreover, turning your burger into a meal sets you back an average of $4 more and grants you a soft drink and default fat fries. You can choose to top-up to any of their other fries or drinks offerings.

Milkshakes are recommended
Onion rings

For drinks, I will recommend their shakes. They are very affordable at Ice Cream Milkshakes at $5.90 a cup. They are super thick and can even remain in the cup after tilting your cup sideways.

Sides on the menu range from standard fat fries, skinny fries and sweet potato fries, to onion rings all costing under $5. Moreover, if the large burger portions are not to your liking, there is the downsized Skinny Burger starting at $7.50 and $11.50 for a meal.

The Fatburger spread of double burgers with Onion rings and Fries
The Fatburger spread of double burgers with Onion rings and Fries.

Moreover, other miscellaneous burger offerings includes their Skinny Burger ($7.50), Veggie Burger ($7.50), the 1000 Island Burger and Western BBQ Burger all under $9.90.

Another side element offerings of Far burger are their Buffalo chicken wings. You have a choice of your chicken Bone-in or Boneless. Their Boneless wings are tad like chicken fingers. I found is the cleanest way to eat without creating a mess. But they cost slightly more as you get more chicken per dollar. They are priced around the $10 range for the starter 6 pieces with fries and a drink.

Moreover, You start off your wings with 6 pieces for a single meal and a choice of 8 different spiciness levels. It starts from plain (level 1) to death valley hot (level 8).

Halal American style burgers!

Their burgers they are small sized, but packs quite a flavorful punch without being too drippy and over-ladened with sauce. The meat are juicy without being too wet that it soaks through your burger bun with additional sauces.

The Burgers are not drippy but still juicy, though the portions could be more American-sized bigger.
The Burgers are not drippy but still juicy, though the portions could be more American-sized bigger.

Moreover, “Wet” burgers in particular tend to soak through the bun, making eating quite a messy affair. Some would say the “wet burger” remedy would be to eat your burger upside down, so as to redistribute the sauces. I am glad I never really need to do that here.

American burgers, without the Bacon

However, some patrons may question the authenticity of Fat Burger with the lack of Pork Bacon, where the taste of the food might not be just as good. Also, in America, Bacon is a distinguishing factor of classic American food.

But I can say, the lack of pork dishes or bacon does not dilute the dining experience. Their burgers are made of 80% lean ground meat and 20% fat, the burgers still do taste good. Additionally, Fat Burger in Singapore is 100% Muslim-owned. They also use halal-certified ingredients. I find Fat Burger is a good avenue and a great welcome for the Singapore Muslim community to try out good American food.

Moreover, the burger joint runs a burger challenge. You just have to finish their giant Quad Burger in one sitting. You won’t be timed to eat their biggest burger, neither would you have the burger free when you complete the challenge, maybe just your photo on their Wall of fame.

The Fat burger Wall of fame, are you up to the challenge? Though there is no monetary reward, bummer!
The Fat burger Wall of fame, are you up to the challenge? Though there is no monetary reward, bummer!

Come to think of it, when it comes to Halal certified American burgers, there are very few such offerings in Singapore. There used to be Botak Jones, but they are now defunct.

The next closest alterative Burger places within the same price range and offerings would be Wolf Burgers and Fat boys burgers, but they are both not Halal. Also, Shake Shack entry into Singapore next year at the Changi Jewel might not have plans to be Halal. Hence, you can count on another Fat Burgers to fill that gap.

All in all, Fat Burgers is a pleasant addition in the already crowded Singapore Burger scene. Fat Burgers stands out by offering really affordable burgers and Shakes at a good price below the competition with Halal certification being their unique selling proposition. Their burgers are not overly fantastic, but are great for the price.

It is definitely worth trying and a great place you can enjoy good burgers with your Muslim buddies.


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Fat Burger Novena Singapore
Velocity@Novena Square
238 Thomson Rd, #01-08/09,
Singapore 307683
Opens daily 10am–10pm



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