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Imakatsu Singapore Japanese restaurant, Star Vista

Imakatsu is one of the few Japanese casual dining restaurants located in the Star Vista Singapore serving premium Japanese cutlets. The restaurant setting is typical Japanese-zen, with wood cladded walls, cutlery and soft ambient music. In place of floor Japanese-style cushions, patrons are seated with western-style upright tables and chairs. Service was responsive, fast with staff dedicated to serving your table when the restaurant is not too crowded.

The Restaurant
Premium Pork set
Inside the cuts

Trademark dishes here will have to be their premium range of meat cutlets. You have a choice of going for their popular pork, option, chicken, fish or a combination of everything. The favorite Mentaiko Premium Pork and Imakatsu premium pork zen will set you back $26.80 and $25.80 respectively, which is not exactly affordable for essentially a meat cutlet set meal. Considering that you can get similar options for half the price at Washoku Goen. A more affordable Zen Garlic Pork Loin will set you back about $19.80. What you get are the meat cutlet served on a meshed bed, with rice, miso soup and a couple of small side dishes. You enjoy a free flow of white cabbage which will be automatically topped up by your server.

A typical dinner for 4 will set you back in the range of $150 to $200 including GST and service charge. The thing you have to give to Imakatsu is the quality of their cutlets, which justifies the above-average pricing. The cutlets, when fresh hot out of the fryer, are really crispy on the outside, but not too oily with a soft meaty center. The meat inside is still flavorful, with juices still locked within the crispy outer exterior. Teas are served by the jug-load and get unlimited refills from a flat fee per head. Hot brown tea is a nice tea to go for here, which goes well in washing down the oily cutlets after consumption.

Star Vista has a number of eateries to suit all palates, Imakatsu should be one on your list if you desire premium good quality pork cutlets, which price not being a main factor of consideration.

Imakatsu Singapore Japanese restaurant
1 Vista Exchange green #01-17
The Star Vista Singapore 138617


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