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Burger Up Classix HillV2 Mall

Burger Up Classix is a small burger joint located at the new Hill V2 mini mall along Hillview rise just off Bukit Timah road, the closet old landmark in the vicinity will be the Bukit Timah rail mall. Surrounded by private condominiums in an expensive neighborhood, Hill V2 is a mixed residential commercial outlet.

Technically it is not exactly a full-fledged mall, but rather a collection of shops in an open-air environment spanning two floors. Burger Up is located right at the front of the mall on the ground floor.

The place serves affordable American-style burgers on the plate at affordable prices. The restaurant setting is open casual, with free seating in a brightly lit store unit able to house an excess of 50 pax. The restaurant is never too crowded given its secluded location, making it few of the nice quiet malls to chill at.

Burger Up Entrance
Mega burger Combo Platter
Assortment with Yellow Melta and Bacon Butty Burgers

Food to eat here will be of course their assortment of burgers. The burgers are fresh, with toasty bread sandwiching juicy platters within. All burgers are served with fries. The burger patties can be cooked to whatever doneness you require and are pretty juicy.

Prices are rather affordable too- most burgers hover around the $10 price range, making it attractive to students. Their largest Mega burger cost $12.50, followed by their Yellow Melta Burgers and Bacon Butty Burger at $10.50.

I will advise to steer clear of the $12.50 combo platter which is really just mostly a basket of fries. You can top $3 for every burger for a small bowl of chunky soup (their mushroom is not bad) with a single drink (no refills). The place serves and assortment of pasta, as well as pizzas, which I wasn’t able to try on my visit, but they are also all reasonably priced.

For the quality and price, the Burger Up burgers are not “Mos burger” tiny nor “Fat boys” expensive, striking a good balance between affordably and quality with portions worthy of being called “dinner sized”. Worthy a visit in the quiet areas of Bukit Timah.

Burger Up Classix
4 Hillview rise HILL V2 01-11
Singapore 667979

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