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Aji-Tei Japanese Restaurant Dinner

Aji-tei setting

You can’t deny it, Suntec City Mall is the safest place to shop in the world, or at least in Asia for now. Almost every junction around the Suntec/CBD area, including bugis where I was today is controlled by traffic police with uniforms as white as their freaking pretty highway patrol bikes, even theres no obvious need for them, maybe to “wayang” as usual when all the IMF big shots are around the country.

Today can be called a food hunt, well so as mum planned for this saturday as family day. Having parked around bugis street area, we combed and we made our way to bugis selegie house for chicken laska, then shopping around parco bugis where dad got a new pair of Leather Shoes and me some ummm Joe-Boxers duh…

Bugis Aji-tei Green Tea Ice-Cream

Aji-Tei Japanese Restaurant
It’s saturday so we can expect the shopping areas, especially the parco and bugis street to be super packed, not to mention the traffic and the lack of parking lots in the area. Had some desserts at Sheena’s so-craved for japanese dessert speciality restaurant (Ajitei japanese cuisine and dessert house) after shopping, so it’s like eat-shop-eat. Left the joint around 5.30pm only to make our way to tiong bahru market area immediately for seafood dinner at Por Kee Eating House (est 1996. in Seng Poh Lane Carpark).

So literally it’s back- to- back- non- stop- eating- action. It’s more conservative then piggy out straight in a buffet but the end results at the end of the day are the same, super bloated and full, yet satisfying. Not to burn em’ calories with a few runs here and there.

To add to the eye candy of this blog post, Sheena brought along her Canon E10 D-SLR and can’t resist taking a few shots of the desserts at Aji-Tei, here to share ya.

Eel set dish
Unagi (Eel) Set Dish
White Radish
White Radish
Assorted Desserts
Assorted Desserts

Back to running
The Terry Fox Run will be on tomorrow, where I will be running for 3 causes, one in aid and funding of cancer research (which kills 1,500 people worldwide everyday) and secondly in aid for veterinarian medicine against pet-related cancer diseases and lastly in memory of my late family pet, Chirper which died of bone cancer.

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