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Rainy Terry Fox Run

The Terry fox run was on this morning. Contrary to the clear weather conditions during breakfast at redhill market, dark clouds and strong winds greeted us at habour front hawker center at 7am upon meeting up with Alex and his friend Albert (who always can’t helped to be mocked my Alec about his age and the lack of a girlfriend, he is 28 btw). Queues for the direct shuttle stretched about 80m from the bus bay snaking to the MRT entrance, so at least when we are already halfway in the queue so not as bad.

The moderate rain didn’t drench the spirits of the crowd
, which went on with the warm ups and pre-race workouts at Tanjong beach. At least we didn’t see a cancellation of the 9km route due to “landslides” caused by heavy downpour

😀 Overall it’s a good run, not too wet, nor too cold. This is also one of the races where we kept together most as a group during the run, waving to other SGrunners we see on the U-turn and hi-fiving cheering marshals along the route. Finished with a leisure 47:17 with still lots of white towels left for distribution, while Albert and Alec finished around +2 to +3mins after me.

Did I mentioned that there was a truck stuck in the sand as well? Well so as a mini lorry with got dug into the beach sand when packing out the post-race stores, but the courtesy of a horde of like 20 runners came to it’s aid and almost lifted it out when it successfully came out of the sand on reverse.

😥 For the record 2 times in a row, missed the post-race photo taking session with SGrunners again. wahhaha. Good thing for them to have lunch outside at habourfront, contrary to what us three musketeers had at the Sentosa kofu food court. Prices are just outrageously high there! Like $5 for claypot chicken rice for mine, but the most non-value dish have to be albert’s small plate of charsiew rice for $4.80.

😎 The sun did come up around 12noon at palawan, the most intense sun we can ever get for the day. Quite a relief for me to get a flop at the beach to roast for an hour or too. Otherwise I thinking I am getting fatter by eating so much lately… body not so defined now and had been sometime since I pumped those abs too… last check on my oregon scientific body fat percentage scale is like 12.2%, wahhaha man I am fat

At least the weather is cooling tonight…

Mileage for the last week (7 day period 11- 17Sept)
SP Gym 2 Sets Target Chest and Bicep Weight Training – Tuesday
SP Track & Field Training, 3×1.5km+2X1km 1min rest, 6.5km – Tuesday
23 rounds Tiong Bahru park, Friday- 21.4km
Terry Fox Run, Sunday- 9km
Total Mileage for week = 36.9km (123.0% of 30km/week target met)

Aim to do another 21km next friday as usual. Maybe I should hit the gym with more intense coming Tuesday too.


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