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Viral Runs and more SP gyming out!

Alexandra  Canal Park Run Sights

I was down with a slight cough over late last week, a viral infection possibly caught from my mum who is ironically gotten less hindered by it now contrary to me, but I kept it at bay with lots of fluids and that not as much rest. Nevertheless caught up with the runs this week, with nice scenic runs along my favorite Tanglin Alexandra canal route to boot.

I was hoping to clock at least 70km in total for the 2 weeks but fall short of 15km to the target as I won’t be able to find time to run this busy weekend. So the total runs for this week including the unaccounted mileage from last week totals a descent 54.98km to 736.33km in total so far for this year. Strangely when you run with a sore throat you actually feel better and cleared during the run, it’s usually at the end of the run when phlegm starts to build up in my throat again, dammit!

This week also saw a revisit to the SP gym and dang is the place much in the ruins now – the staff center toilet is demolished for upgrading in line of the pool-retiling works, so the next nearest toilet is a good 400m away. This didn’t came much of a problem for me as I always gym with my required equipment and hydration too keep me self-adequate for hours at ago, contrary to most students who need to visit the toilet regularly for a drink. Moreover, the toilet closure as told by the Gym in-charge actually turned down quite a few people due to the lack of changing rooms or place to put their bags. This actually came to quite a welcome to many as lesser people = more free machines and little or no station waiting time.

Moreover, my last gym visit saw my record distance (12km) I’ve ever did at a ago on treadmill. Though minute compared my regular run distances, it’s actually quite an irritating feat to get the treadmill to go for so long- being only programmed to only dish out training intervals of 30mins maximum, it made such a big fuzz on the distance and 30mins maximum possible running time. I had to constantly reset the treadmill each time it forces me to cool down after the 30mins mark, 3 times in all to be exact! Irritating!

😈 Would be looking forward to get my RS400sd sometime soon. My dad offered to purchase it for me as a reward for my last semester results. Now I am thinking should I go for the RS800sd.. evil me…

Running Mileage for last week
SP Gym 3 Sets Weight Training – Monday
Redhill/Tanglin Canal Route: 15.8km – Wednesday

Running Mileage for this week
SP Gym 3 Sets Weight Training – Monday
Ulu Pandan Canal Route: 9.18km – Monday
Redhill/Tanglin Canal Route: 18km – Wednesday
SP Gym 3 Sets Weight Training + Treadmill 12km- Friday
Total Mileage for 2 weeks: 54.98km
Total 2007 Accumulative Mileage: 736.33km


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