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The Lasalle Grad Show 2023

Today lets check out the the Lasalle Grad Show 2023, an impressive showcase of the graduating class of 2023. The show was held at the Lasalle McNally college campus, spanning across two floors. This event marked the culmination of another successful academic year for LASALLE College with over 600 works on display under one roof.

Lasalle campus grounds, home to the Lasalle Grad Show 2023 we are checking out
Lasalle campus grounds, home to the Lasalle Grad Show 2023 we are checking out.

Furthermore, upon entering the campus, an event information board greets you telling you the different points of interest here. The show is split between different galleries spread over few campus floors.

For instance, the basement floor houses most of the exhibition, with the exception of the performing arts section located on the ground floor in an auditorium. Also, the main hall on the basement floor showcased the fashion and build-environment works of the School of Fashion and the School of Spatial & Product Design.

Fashion statement in the grad exhibition halls
Fashion statement in the grad exhibition halls.

A Degree and Diploma grad show

Additionally, the degree grad show area was undoubtedly the largest and most eye-catching gallery. Here, you can find and assortment of print pieces, models and clothing feature pieces like tall hanging columns adorned with beautifully designed dresses, gowns and blouses.

Interior design models, all intricately designed for display as part of the student's final year piece
Interior design models, all intricately designed for display as part of the student’s final year piece.

Also, the interior design section was equally impressive, with each student presenting intricate models that covered a wide range of concepts. This includes ideas on living spaces, revitalizing neighborhoods, and designs for accessibility.

Grad Show 2023 galleries
Interior and spatial design works
Built environment

Moreover, the galleries are thoughtfully laid out, making navigation easy for visitors. The air-conditioned spaces are arranged in distinct rows, leading seamlessly from one gallery to another.

Design Communication
Interior design works

Moving on to the diploma galleries, it was evident that the works presented here covers a similar range of topics from interior design to print works. The works are notably less-complex in design compared to those in the degree section. Also, works from the Design for Communication and Experiences, as well as Creative Direction for Fashion, are among the disciplines featured in this area.

Fashion gallery
Modern art
Diploma gallery

For those interested in the digital realm, the digital media and animation department provides for a cutesy and captivating experience. The graduating students from the Puttnam School of Film & Animation and School of Creative Industries showcased their talents through short digital animation films and digital games. This is told through adorable characters animated on-film. Additionally, visitors had the opportunity to admire 3D-printed models illustrating character design and storytelling.

Sustainability works
Interesting musings
Concept prints

Fine arts gallery

Furthermore, the Fine arts had its own dedicated gallery. It houses a collection of free-standing modern artworks created by students from Lasalle’s McNally School of Fine Arts. Several pieces depicted culture, the stresses of everyday life, providing a thought-provoking perspective on the human experience.

Fine arts gallery is a favorite of mine, a throwback to modern art museums
Lasalle Show 2023 fine arts gallery is a favorite of mine, a throwback to modern art museums.

Also, the School of Design Communication and School of Creative Industries contributed to the show with Creative Writing works. These are presented through books and accompanied by audio narrations on computers and screens stationed near the exhibits. Each show has a flaire and story of it’s own. You can also find short films played on the screens here.

Short films Lasalle Show 2023
Short films at the campus flexible production space.

Additionally, you are encouraged to check the schedule for daily screenings of films and performances by the School of Contemporary Music and the Puttnam School of Film & Animation at the campus Creative cube venue. This added an interactive and dynamic element to the grad show. It provides for an opportunity to witness the talents of the students in real-time.

Digital animation
Arts and film
Performance theater

Wrapping up

Moreover, just like the NAFA grad show we visited sometime back, the Lasalle Grad Show 2023 is free and open to the public. This inclusive approach allowed people from all walks of life to appreciate the hard work and creativity of the graduating students. Also, the show run throughout the month of May, from the 19th to the 31st, with opening hours that accommodates visitors until 7pm daily. Do check the day showtimes as opening times could change.

All in all, the Lasalle Grad Show 2023 was a testament to the diverse range of talents nurtured at LASALLE College. It immerses you in the world of art and design while gaining insight into the creative minds of the next generation. From the stunning fashion designs and innovative product concepts to the thought-provoking fine art pieces and captivating digital media presentations, the show celebrates the accomplishments of the graduating class of 2023.


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